Godly Leadership (August 4-25)

Introduction to the Unit

Nehemiah’s Preparation for Leadership
Nehemiah was uniquely gifted by God for the task of rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem. He was an Israelite and a ranking official (cupbearer) in the King’s court, where he honed his leadership skills, learned how to deal with a foreign power, and gained confidence. Nehemiah reminds me of Moses and Paul in the way their upbringings equipped them for God’s mission.

Transformational Leadership Thoughts
Tommy recently attended a seminar at Baptist Seminary of Kentucky on Transformational Leadership. I asked him to share some brief thoughts on leadership that he gained from this seminar for you to use during this unit on Nehemiah’s Godly Leadership. You will find one at the end of each of the teaching suggestions.

Read the whole book of Nehemiah
These sessions deal with selected passages from the book of Nehemiah. It would be helpful to read the whole of this interesting story.
Teaching in General

Asking Questions for Reflective Learners: A Teaching Tip
We all have different learning styles. Some are more reflective and analytical. When you ask a question in class for discussion, the reflective learner may not be ready immediately with an answer, but will require time to mull it over. When they do, they could have some deep helpful insights to share. By then, however, the discussion has moved on and the class will not receive the benefit of their insight. In addition to allowing more extended times for dialogue, try this occasionally. Preface a question by saying, “I’m going to ask a question, but I don’t want you to answer just yet. Let’s take a few moments to reflect on it, then I’ll let you know when it’s time to discuss.” You will often find, after this time of reflection, that different class members will speak than those who typically answer when you ask a question. Don’t assume the quiet student is not interested or has nothing to add. It might be that this class member is a reflective learner who, with time, will provide some of the most relevant insights.