The Book of Hebrews (May 5 – June 2)

Introduction to the Unit

Central Theme of Hebrews

The Mercer Commentary of the Bible provides some background to the book of Hebrews:

“The main aim of this sermon is clearly pastoral. The author calls it a word of exhortation (13:22). The fundamental message to the group addressed could be summed up as:

    Don’t give up! See in Jesus, seated at the right hand of God in heaven, the assurance that God’s sovereignty will ultimately reign on earth. In the meantime, understand that the Christian’s pilgrimage to final salvation inevitably involves suffering, just as surely as Jesus’ own route to God was via the cross.

Mercer Commentary on the Bible (Mercer University Press, 1995)


The Formations Teaching Guide, for each session in this unit, suggests a number of hymns to be used in class to illustrate the lessons. Check you bulletin each week for the order of worship. Phil will be incorporating some of these hymns in worship.

Teaching in General

An Educational Home
Hebrews 3:2-6 (May 12, Formations Sunday School Session) refers to the people of God or the family of God as God’s house. Years ago, at my previous church, I developed a Christian educational model for the church using the home as an illustration. It was written for First Baptist Church, Hopkinsville, but some parts of it could apply to Lexington Avenue Baptist Church. My purpose was to show some important elements of Christian education and how they work together. “An Educational Home” following," is available in the print edition of these Sunday School Supplements.