Easter People (April 1-29, 2012)

Easter People (April 1-29)

Teaching in General

Dr. John D. Hendrix, who recently led our adult education conference, commented on the Philippians 2 passage, we will study in this unit, and related it to the teaching task:

“Taking the form of a servant is a distinct form of teaching. Walter Wink in Transforming Bible Study said that the leader willingly sacrifices what she or he has learned in order to discover a fraction of it in others. Those who are rich in information and training are invited to become poor so that we might make others rich” (Nothing Never Happens: Experiential Learning and the Church, p. 126).

Introduction to the Unit

Who Are You?
An ordinary person discovers they have special powers, Superman; or that they are really royalty, Anastasia; or though the disliked step sister, is destined to be the princess, Cinderella; or she appears to be an ordinary preteen, but she is secretly a pop music star, Hannah Montana. You can probably name other stories and movies with this recurring theme. These lessons remind us of who we really are, though humble servants, aliens and exiles, we are Easter People—raised with Christ, clothed with the new self in the image of the creator, one, children of God, victorious, honorable, righteous.

Video clips provided on this web page could be used to stimulate a discussion about appearance and true identity.