Stories of Faith: Hazel Brant

March 2011

I feel like I am going home when I come to Lexington Avenue Church on Sunday. It has been such a warm comfortable church. I have always loved it and the people. I have been a member for sixty seven-years. I joined in 1943. My sister, Edith Kidd joined it in 1942.

Many of the dear people I came to church with have since passed on. I have been a member during the ministry of many of our pastors. When I came here Dr. Wilkinson was the minister, then Dr. Couey, Dr. Lamb, Dr. Roberts, Dr. Baker, Dr. Tim Noel, and now, Dr. Tommy Valentine.

I worked in Sunday school in the Baby Nursery, then from there went to work in the third grade with Margaret Ruth and Donna Rulon for twenty seven years.

My two children were born and raised in the church. My daughter was the secretary for Dr. Roberts about three years. My sister, Edith (94), and I (89) were about two of the oldest active members until her recent death, but we weren’t in the church when it first started.

I have been secretary-treasurer of the Joy Sunday School class for thirty-seven years. Evelyn Crooke and Alberta Moynahan are the teachers of the Joy Class. The Joy Class has adopted two boys from the Kentucky School for the Deaf and put them all the way through school; buying their clothes and sending them $20.00 a month for their personal use. We also give $25.00 every three months to the Lexington Avenue Baptist Church Hunger Fund.

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