Relay for Africa 2015

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10 Mile Relay Run/Walk  for Africa

(Four legs of 2.5 miles each) Millennium Park at the picnic pavilion -  Sunday, September 27, 2015, 4:30 p.m.

Get your team together now.

Benefitting African Refugee Ministry in Morocco

Cookout, Kids’ Games, Awards, Prizes, Walkers & Runners

Hosted by Lexington Avenue Baptist Church, Danville

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Contact Keith Stillwell (859-236-3565)

Entry Form

Course Map

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Relay for Africa 2015

Relay Race Team Divisions

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(1) Open/Overall (no restrictions on the make up of the team; individuals may run multiple legs; all other divisions eligible to place in the open/overall division, so if your team fits any of the other categories you can register in that division and still qualify for the Open/Overall awards)

(2) Church

(3) Organizations (business, company, club, other organizations)

(4) Coed (two female and two male)


Each member of the first, second, or thrid place team in each race division will receive an award--Blue, Red, or Gold Aluminum Batons (This year every team member gets a baton. No ribbons). The first place team overall wins an original cheetah trophy sculpted by Ulrich Zouanda, African refugee artist in Morocco.

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Walkers (Yahtzee)

Teams of walkers are welcomed and encouraged to participate. Walkers may complete the course together. Each walking team will be given a Yahtzee score card and each walker will be given five random Yahtzee cards (with a number one through six as on a Yahtzee die). There will be two stations along the course where teams may discard (re-roll) any number of cards they choose in an atempt to get the most points according to the rules of Yahtzee. Prizes awards to the teams with the first, second, and third highest team scores.

Kids' Games

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Kids’ Sprint, Kids’ Relay, and Kids’ Obstacle Course races will begin at about 5:00 p.m. Meet Speedy the Cheetah.


--May I have a team of less than four?

Yes, you do not have to have four to participate. One person can run/walk multiple legs of the relay. So you could have a team of 1, 2, 3, or 4. Last year we had several run the whole 10 miles by themselves. Others teams ran with two or three. Discounts are available for teams of one or two. You would not be able to meet the requirements for Coed, however, without four on a team.

--What if I want to run or walk on a team but don’t have a team?

Send an email to keith@lexingtonavenue or post on the facebook and we will get you connected with others looking for a team. Let us know if you plan to run or walk.

--May walkers walk together as a team or do we have to take turns.

Yes walkers may walk together and for the sake of time are encourged to do so. Your team’s time, if you are interested, will be multiplied by four. We have a special Yahtzee game for walkers to play together.

Cookout During the Event

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Hotdogs, Chips, Desserts, Drinks (During and After the Relay; Free to Relay Participants; Available to all others for a donation to African Refugee Ministry)

Mail Entry Form

Entry Form

Mail the entry form and waiver to:

Lexington Avenue Baptist Church

339 W. Lexington Avenue, Danville, KY 40422

or drop off at the church office, Monday through Friday, 9:00-4:00.

Make checks payable to Lexington Avenue Baptist Church.


Contact Keith Stillwell (859-236-3565)


$60 per team (If registration received on or before Sept. 9)

$72 per team (If received before September 9-25)

$80 per team (If received before September 27 – race day)

Discounts for teams of one or two (based on deadlines above):

One runner/walker: $24, $30, or $32

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Two runners/walkers: $44, $56, or $60

(Entry fees are non-refundable)


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We are excited to again offer t-shirts with a design inspired by African refugee artist Ulrich Zouanda. A red “Gildan Performance Tee,” with the logo shown to the right, guaranteed if registered by September 9. After September 9, shirts will be distributed on a first come first served basis, while they last.

Pass the Baton

Each team must provide their own baton to pass from one team member to the next during the race. This could be a bracelet, cap, symbol representing your team, an actual baton, or whatever you come up with.

Benefiting African Refugees in Morocco

Many Subsaharan Africans fleeing war, extreme poverty, political and religious persecution, and famine, cross the desert and end up in Morocco in a desperate and seemingly hopeless situation. The Protestant Church of Morocco, made up primarily of African students, seeks to minister to these refugees by providing start-up funds for micro-businesses, skills training, scholarships, food, and other forms of assistance. These busy students work diligently to help bring hope to weary African refugees. Your participation in this event will help.

Our friends of the Protestant Church of Morocco will use profits from this Relay--every penny of it--assisting refugees in a desperate situation (Only a few leaders in Morocco are paid a meager salary by the church and the workers throughout Morocco are volunteers).

refugee food 10633271_657485971025807_91463182943677193_o-1.jpg

With your registration fee and donations you are providing the following:

1. Food bags (flour, rice, oil, sardines, sugar)

2. Blankets

3. Scholarships

4. Professional Training (so that refugees can learn skills to provide for themselves)

5. Micro Business Projects (so that refugees can use their skills to provide for themselves)

You will have the option of choosing which of the above services your registration will go to support.

Lexington Avenue Baptist Church and Protestant Church of Rabat, Morocco Partnership

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Lexington Avenue Baptist Church and the Protestant Church of Rabat, Morocco have shared a friendship since 2007 and the churches crossed the ocean to visit each other on multiple occasions. Learn more about the partnership here:

Relay for Africa 2014

Relay for Africa 2014

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