College Devotionals - Week 4

This morning I, along with all the other dads, was invited for coffee and donuts with my daughter's 3rd grade class.  It was fun to be in the classroom.  Being there brought back to mind my third grade year.  We didn't have tables, we sat in desks.  No air conditioning was available, just a long line of windows we opened when it go too hot.  And, no, I did not walk five miles up hill both ways to school!!  I rode with my mother, who was my third grade teacher for half of the day.

I remembered going outside to play and the friends who were in my class.  When I was in third grade they called math, "new math."  They still call math, "new math," today but it looks nothing like the math I did in third grade.

In my daughter's class we played a game called Sparkle in which you spell words around a circle.  If the person next to you spells the last letter in the word, you then say "Sparkle" and the person on the other side of you has to sit down.  And so it goes until only one is left standing.  So today, I "sparkled' my daughter.  (Sorry, Kate)  I think last year she "sparkled" me

It was a great morning and I'm glad I went.  Life is filled with wondrous moments all around us.  Those moments enhance our life and bring great joy to us.  Enjoy those moments whenever and wherever they happen. 

Jesus said I have come that (you) may have life, and have it to the full.  (John 10:10)

Have a great week in the Lord!!


October 3, 2007