College Devotionals - Week 5

As I write this evening, I am watching both the ALCS Championship series between the Indians and the Red Sox as well as a college football game between South Florida and Rutgers.  It's difficult to give all my attention to either one.   It is obvious, however, that the players involved in these two games are deeply committedto success in their particular endeavors.

There are those times in life when our attention is divided and not clearly given to any particular activity.  At other times, we are so focused, it seems nothing else could possibly be happening around us.  The capacity to discern those times when we must be focused and those times when we can be less focused is very important.

Jesus understood the difference between the two.  Luke records that "When the days drew near for him to be taken up, he set his face to go to Jerusalem." (Luke 9:51 NRSV)  The term, "set his face" is a reference to the determination of Jesus to fulfill his God-given purpose.

Many things will not demand our full attention.  Fulfilling God's purpose for our lives happens only as we set our lives and our hearts in tune with God.

May God's grace be yours.


October 19, 2007