College Devotionals - Week 7

I remember a song from my youth that offered encouragement and hope to me in the younger years of my Christian life.  It began with the words, When I think I'm going under, part the waters Lord.  Those days when it feels we just can't get it all together; the days when we feel like we are bobbing up and down in the waves of life's ocean are tough days.  They come in some form to all of us at some time.

But if we will call out to God, God will hear us and respond.  The last line of that song has these words, Touch my life, calm the raging storm in me. God desires to calm the raging storms of your life and lead you through to the hope that tomorrow brings.

When the storms rage through the fabric of your life, let God touch your life with his calming presence.  May God bless you this week.


November 9, 2007