Key for Kids and Families - September 2018

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September Wednesday Night Classes - September 5, 12, 19, 26
Preschool - 1st Grade: Painting the Church Year - 6:45-7:15; Praise & Percussion - 7:15-7:45
2nd - 6th Grade: Storytelling (by popular request!) - 6:45-7:15; Painting the Church Year - 7:15-7:45

Children’s Baptism Class - Sunday Evenings, 6-7:15 pm, September 9-30
This class is for children who have been recently baptized or who have expressed interest in exploring it further. We’ll use familiar stories of the people of God to talk about what baptism means at LABC. The content will be different from previous years, so children who have participated before are welcome to join us again.

Help Needed
It takes a lot of people to make children’s ministry great, and we appreciate everyone who invests time and energy into teaching our children about God’s love. Here are some upcoming ways that you can jump in and help:
1. If you are interested in helping with fall Wednesday night activities in our children’s ministry, please let Amanda know. We have a variety of fun options available!
2. We are in need of a helper to join us for a special baptism class from 6-7:15 on Sunday evenings, September 9-30. If this is a place you can serve (whether it’s for one week or several), call, email, or text Amanda.
3. We’ve had a baby boom and are in need of some volunteers to join our Wednesday night nursery rotation. If you’d be interested in helping Linda, our wonderful nursery worker, on a monthly basis (or more) from August to December, let Amanda know!

Godly Play Update
Many, many generous people have given of their time and their resources to help get our second Godly Play classroom ready. We began our new year on August 19. Thank you, church, for loving our kids so well!
- four anonymous donors collectively gave more than enough money to buy all of our materials.
- Lee Fowler built and finished our beautiful shelves.
- The Powells, Herrons, Smiths, and Cashes (many of the kids included) helped paint the room and repaint some - shelves we brought into the classroom.
- Kathy White hunted down and purchased all the very specific shades of felt we needed.
- A multitude of church members donated baskets for storing our materials.
- Maureen Elwyn has taken care of gathering and organizing art supplies.
Rosalind Campbell, Brenda Hendrickson, and Maureen Elwyn have all spent time helping to clear out and
- reorganize the room.
- Mike and Clara Bowen cut out ALL of the parable pieces from paper and wood. - Sue Smith has us all stocked up on snacks!
- Jason Shoults painted additional shelves for us.
Adam Standiford built our desert box.
- Rosalind Campbell, Carolyn Montgomery, Brenda Hendrickson, Liz Peniston and Maureen Elwyn doorkeep and
tell stories each Sunday.
Thanks to everyone who makes Godly Play possible at LABC!Weekly

Weekly Schedule
Godly Play @ 9:30
Worship @ 10:45
(Nursery available for children under 3 during Sunday School and worship. Extended session available for 3 year olds - kindergarteners during the latter half of worship).
Family Night Dinner @ 6:15
Children’s Activities @ 6:45 (Nursery available)