From Our Interim Pastor - Dr. Terry Freeman - August 2018

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The Pastor Search Committee has announced a candidate for the position of senior pastor will be presented to you during the next few weeks.  They have worked hard and hopefully you have supported them with your prayers and will continue to do so through this process.  I have been the candidate on a number of occasions during my ministry and it needs to be remembered that not only will you be looking at the candidate, the candidate will also be looking at you.  I applaud the committee for their many hours of work and willingness to take on such a great responsibility.

During this time we must also remember to thank Keith Stillwell for his many years of dedicated service to our congregation.  Though my time working with him is measured in months instead of years, he has been most helpful in my task to serve as an interim pastor.  He truly has a pastor’s heart for the congregation and I think he has been a true blessing for both the church and the community.

There are exciting days ahead for our congregation.  Share the excitement.  And I look forward to sharing worship with you.

Dr. Terry Freeman