From Our Interim Pastor - Dr. Terry Freeman - July 2018

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Beverly and I had looked forward to the Brass Band Festival.  Our plans were to change clothes following the morning worship and walk through town and enjoy the festivities.  As most of you know we were called out of town that weekend to both attend and conduct a funeral service for a cousin in Illinois.  We were disappointed on one hand but on the other hand we were glad to have been with family during a difficult time.  We just added the Brass Band festival to our bucket list for next year.

I share the above simply to point out we can always have wonderful plans and then the unexpected happens.  Often times it pertains to matters that can be missed and it does not matter with respect to a meaningful life.  But there are some matters that should not be put off with plans to do it at a more expedient time.  Last Sunday I mentioned one of those important matters and that was time spent with our children and family.  It should not be put off.  But we should also not put off spiritual goals.  Our spiritual walk should be a continual process and not something we are going to work on at some future date.  There is always the unexpected.  An older Apostle Paul would write to a young colleague Timothy, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”  The same challenge should be before us as individuals and as a congregation.  Let us take advantage of this day for we know not what tomorrow will bring.

I look forward to sharing worship with you.

Dr. Terry Freeman