From Our Interim Pastor - Dr. Terry Freeman - May 30, 2018

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As I understand the summer schedule, on Wednesdays we will meet for lunch and then it will be followed by both a prayer time and a short devotional.  I will continue the Bible study with 1,2,3 John and Jude being our subject.  Realizing some will have to return to work I will be conscious of the time.  And if you can only be present for part of the time and have to get up leave at some point that is perfectly OK.  Enjoy the food and the fellowship.  I look forward to seeing you.

My oldest granddaughter is graduating from high school at the end of May.  Going through some pictures this week it does not seem that long since she “graduated” from kindergarten.  Life seems to pass ever so quickly.  Enjoy your children (and grandchildren) while you have the opportunity.  Some events missed can never be made up.

A few weeks ago I had a technician in my home doing some work and somehow we ended up talking about Danville and LABC.  Raised in Danville he was very familiar with our congregation and had attended with some friends as a child.  He even shared some of the escapades he got into with some of his friends at the church which he hoped his parents would not discover.   They were great stories.  He even mentioned names.  But they will remain under the cloak of ministerial confidence.

I hope to worship with you soon.

Dr. Terry Freeman