Thank You Notes - Fall 2018

Thank You Notes.JPG

Dear Prayer List,

Thank you very much for my weekly cards sent from your church with members names on it!

It has been overwhelming to know that church members from Lexington Avenue Baptist Church care so much! I feel like I’m going to be okay. I just started a new type of chemo and I truly think it is going to work!

Thank you,
Brett [Frederick]


Dear Friends,

How do we say thanks for the many acts of kindness that you have shown to us. And thank you so much for the Sunday reception, the monetary gift, and the beautiful framed picture of LABC. Most of all thank you for your love and support. You are a wonderful congregation, and a great future awaits.

You have been such a blessing to Terry and me. With deepest gratitude, we say simply - Thank you.

Blessings to each of you,

Beverly and Terry


Beverly and I want to thank you for additional blessings received on our last Sunday (September 9) with you. The reception was very thoughtful and we throughly enjoyed sharing with those who attended. And we want to thank you, the congregation, for the love gift which was ever so generous. The comments shared at the end of the service by so many were ever so meaningful. We leave Lexington Avenue Baptist Church with great memories. We have met many new friends and hopefully the friendships will continue. And when I (Terry) said we would show up to visit, especially when food is being served, I meant it!

Many blessings upon the congregation and your journey with your new pastor.

Terry and Beverly Freeman