From our Interim Pastor - Dr. Terry Freeman


January is coming to an end and our focus turns to some very special services that will occupy much of February.  Though the services will focus on where we have been historically as a congregation, the motivation is to assist a move into the future.  The Pastor Search Committee is hard at work about their task and we should support them in our prayers. And hopefully we should also be open to the new servant leadership that will be coming to our ministry.  Learn and be motivated by the stories of our past.  But let those lessons propel us into a new and productive future.

There is a uniqueness about the way our congregation does “church.”  In the process of preparing for the future we need to make sure the distinctiveness of our congregation is not lost.  Different congregations do worship in different ways.  It is not a matter of one being good and another bad or even one being better than another.  We just do worship different.  And different styles all have their place.  All forms should be open to becoming more effective.  But all should not be exactly the same.

I have written all of the above because I am very impressed with both the ministries and worship setting of Lexington Avenue Baptist Church.  Can and should there be new and different ways of doing things?  Sure, that would be true of any congregation.  Yet we need to make sure we do not throw out the personality of our congregation in the process.  Jesus gave us the answer how to do all of this.  “Not my will but thine be done.”  Pray and seek God’s guidance.  And if we are going to ask God for guidance then we need to have the courage to follow His leadership.

I look forward to sharing worship with you.

Dr. Terry Freeman