From Our Interim Pastor - Dr. Terry Freeman


Both morning and evening services on Christmas Eve were personally special for me.  I enjoyed the music for both services.  The witness of a child being baptized is always uplifting.  The beauty of the sanctuary and the candles during the evening service offered a time of reflection.    And families joining together for a time of worship is especially meaningful for me.  I was blessed with Beverly and our two children joining us for the service.  And thank you for making the services special and welcoming my family in such a warm manner.

As we begin a new year you have allowed me to serve as your interim for the better part of three months.  I have been most impressed with the dedication of so many within the life of the congregation.  And it is obvious many contribute a great amount of time and effort to maintain the programs and ministries of the church.  The staff is especially talented and I have to thank them for their assistance and guidance as we have walked through a very busy time of the year.  I continue to believe the congregation has a great future, and the next pastor will surely be blessed by serving here.

There will be some special emphases over the next few months involving both celebrations of our history as a congregation and also planning for the days ahead.  Hopefully, all will see the need for their input and contribution.  At some future date, some will see our days at present as their history.  I hope we will be giving them a rich legacy.

Happy New Year and I hope to share worship with you in the weeks ahead.

Terry Freeman