Thank You Notes - Fall 2017

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I thank you for the phone calls, cards, food, visits, but most of all for the prayers. Today I’m kicking higher after knee surgery and I’ll keep up the good physical therapy. You all are special in God’s eyes and mine too.
God bless,

Betty Gayle Williams


I just wanted to thank you so much for letting us bring my Dad back to Lexington Avenue. You were so kind and gracious and loving to all of us. It really meant the world to my family and we are very grateful.

Mona Wyatt


Pastor Quinn & Congregation,

I would like to thank you for inviting me to share with you about the Families First program. Also, the generous donation to support my resource center is very much appreciated. Most of all I enjoyed the fellowship and the opportunity to chat with some folks I had not seen in a very long time.

Many blessings and love in Jesus Christ to you all,
Anna Houston


Recently, due to feeling sickly, I went to our family physician. He, after a few questions, directed me to go to the Ephraim McDowell Hospital Emergency room.

No one could have been more surprised than myself as to what would take place within the next four hours. The ER physician and a surgeon quickly determined that abdominal surgery must be done immediately.

It is doubtful that I could have received a more professional surgery and post surgery care than at Ephraim McDowell Hospital. Included in my recovery is the concerned, compassionate and caring Lexington Avenue Baptist Church family. Thanks to each of you for the cards, phone calls, visits and most of all, your prayers. I do believe in the power of prayer.

Hopefully, I will be able to return to church in the near future.

With Love,
Leo Hill


Dear Church,

Thank you for the beautiful service you had for my dad, Marvon Smith. Thank you for being so kind, loving and wonderful to my mom, Sue Smith.

You truly are a family and I will be forever grateful that the Smith family has been a part of this church.

From the bottom of my heart-Thank you!
Susan Cornish


Dear Supporter,

Your commitment to give bountifully continues to empower our ministry at Haven Care Center. We want to express our gratitude and thank you for partnering to help to shine the light of God’s grace and saving lives. We are humbled daily to be used as instruments in our Redeemer’s hand.

Your willingness to stand with us is honorable. Your giving allows more avenues of outreach, to those who are abortion vulnerable or minded women.

We are encouraged daily to be ambassadors of Christ and tell others about Our Savior, Jesus Christ. Please know your passion and contribution to our center has been received with a grateful and sincere appreciation.

All Woven Together in God’s Love,
Tiffany Johnson & Volunteers
Servants for Christ, haven Care Center

(LABC raised $426.22 participating in Bottle Of Blessings.)


Dear Church Family,

It is with grateful hearts that I write this to thank you for my weekly “get well” and “best wishes” cards and the many individual cards and notes and visits while I was in the VA hospital and the Northpoint Health Care Center in Lexington from April 15th - June 10th and also since I have been home. Peggy and I appreciate your thoughtfulness and prayers so very much.

Sincerely & God bless you,
George White