Pastor's Pen - June 2017

Tommy V.jpg

In just a few days my tenure as pastor at Lexington Avenue Baptist Church will come to an end.  I wish I could say goodbye to each of you personally but I know that’s not possible. The nearly 18 years are a significant part of my life and my ministry. They are and will remain special to me, as will each of you. I’m grateful for your willingness to seek God’s direction in your lives and in the life of the church.
As I begin a new chapter in my life I do so with God’s leading. While I will no longer be a pastor, I remain in ministry as I challenge, encourage, and mentor students.
Thank you for the patience, grace, and most of all the love you have shown me, Jennifer, David & Kate!  I pray that Gods blessings and grace will be with you in the days ahead!

As I have shared before, Frederick Buechner reminds me this is not goodbye but rather God be with you as we continue in our journey with Christ, our Savior and Lord!

In Christ Jesus,