Thank You Notes - Winter 2017-2018

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Thank You for your kindness. Words cannot express the thankfulness we have for the kindness you all show and in the loving way you show it. God Bless you all
The Webb Family {for the Community Thanksgiving Dinner}


To Our Church family,
    Thanks so very much for all he prayers, visits, phone calls, and cards during my surgery. We really appreciate them.
Patty & Quince Arnold


A gigantic Christmas thank you to those “behind the scene” servants who decked our halls for Advent, as well as to those who resurrected the tree lights. You are truly His hands and feet in preparing LABC for the joyful celebration of Jesus’ birth!

Charlotte Carr
Stephanie and Steve Griffin
Rocky Cash
Brian Wheeler
Bill Singler
Chris, Emory, and Laney Herron
Phil and Blake Quinn
 David and Elizabeth Bibb
BERNARD and Carolyn MONTGOMERY and Cooper Brummett
Chad Powell
Carl Smith


Once again LABC, Calvary and Southland came together with Rod blessings to serve our community with a Thanksgiving dinner.

 A special thanks to Morris for entertaining our guest for hours without a break, and for all of the volunteers who gave of their time, money and donations.

We were able to feed approximately 500 this year. To God we give the glory.

In Christ
Doris Cessna


To All Soup’s On Us and Lexington Avenue Baptist Church

Thank you for your kindness. I enjoy seeing the smile on your driver’s face and the “Hello” each week.

It means so much, the White Box that they bring me. The goodies are so good. It is so nice. We still have such good people in our town. I have been in Danville all my life. There is no place like it.

I know a lot of you. My Dad was in plumbing and heating for 55 years. We lived on North 3rd street. I was a member for many years at the church.

Penny, my small dog, tells me when you pull in the driveway. Then she knows she is in the “Time Out Corner” in the bedroom until I go to  the door.

Many Thanks to each of you
E. Loraine Leathers


Dear LABC Family,

My family and I are so thankful for the love shown us during and since Marvon’s death.

I feel ~such a blessing from each of you. Please know I love my Lord and my church family with all my heart!
You are the best!

Sue and Family