LABC News & Notes - November 2017


Missional Youth Ministry - November 5, 6:15
We have a terrific group of youth who are faithful followers of Christ, insightful, and dedicated to serving in mission, learning, and caring for each other. All of us have a part in nurturing, mentoring, encouraging, and supporting our youth. You are invited to join us in a dialogue about youth ministry, Sunday November 5,  6:15 p.m. in the youth room. We will discuss the book, Missional Youth Ministry which offers a new paradigm for youth ministry and practical guidance. Those interested in youth ministry are invited to read and discuss the book together with us. Pick up the book from Keith if you think you might be interested or find it on Amazon Kindle or Google Play Books.

Advent Devotional 2017 - Deadline
If you would like to write a devotional or submit original artwork please send it to the church office, or drop it off, by Sunday, November 12. Let us know ahead of time if you plan to make a submission.

Deacon Election: November 12
Absentee ballots will be available in the church office one week prior if you need one. Six deacons will be selected from among these nominees: Quince Arnold, David Bibb, Martha Brummett, Doris Cessna, Bill Elliott, Brenda Farmer, Justin Johnson, Don Linville, Jason Shoults, Carl Smith, Henry Wilson.

Pledge Sunday - November 19
First Gifts Sunday - November 26
Staff Love Offering - December 10

Capital Campaign Report
As of October 20, 21 months into the three-year campaign, we had given $460,066.91 toward the $706,600 pledge. Our $300,000 loan, applied to $537,000 in renovations, has a balance of $35,986. Cash on hand is $2,234. A full report is available in the office.

Operation Christmas Child Packing Party - November 12, 9:30 a.m.
The Operation Christmas Child Packing Party will be Sunday, November 12 at 9:30 a.m. in the fellowship hall. Prayer time for our boxes will take place during our worship service.
Supply Alert: We are in need of washclothes and sandwich bags.

Maetta Gray Women on Mission - Nov. 6, 1:30 p.m.
Join us as we make crafts for Operation Christmas Child boxes. Supplies wil be provided.

Soup’s On Us - Saturday, November 4 2017
Work Schedule: 8:30 a.m. - Assemble boxes; 9:00 a.m. - Prepare sandwiches; 10:15 a.m. - Fill food boxes; 11:00 a.m. - Begin deliveries and clean up. On one Saturday per month we will prepare and deliver meals for needy families. “Soup’s On Us” is sponsored by Lexington Avenue Baptist Church, Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church, First Christian Church, and the Presbyterian Church of Danville. Mark your calendars: November 4, December 2

Search Congregation Time: Looking Forward - Dec. 3
Following morning worship on Sunday, December 3 our Pastor Search Committee will lead us in a congregational dialogue--”Looking Forward.” Lunch will be served by our children and youth ministries as a fundraiser for children and youth ministry. The dialogue will include small table group discussions and large group sharing as your thoughts are recorded.

Pray for Your Pastor Search Committee
Henry Wilson (chairperson), Carolyn Godfrey (vice-chairperson), Maureen Elwyn (secretary), Julie Dexter, Steve Griffin, Chris Herron, Ernest Martin, Margaret Powell, Amanda Shoults

Fish Fry on Wednesday, November 8th in Fellowship Hall
Church members provide Desserts. Cost is $700 so donations over and above regular price very much appreciated.. This $700 helps: Feed Veterans (1,500-1,700) at Danville Armory Supply Veterans at the home in Wilmore with sweat suits, plus shampoo and body wash throughout the year support “Shop with a Cop and Fireman” for the holiday season.

CBF Kentucky E-News
The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Kentucky publishes a weekly email blast each Friday to pastors, staff and members of CBF Kentucky churches. Several thousand people get timely information about events, missions and ministries, church announcements, staff activity and whereabouts, and church staff searches. If you’d like to join our Friday E-News, please send us an email to

If you would like to order a poinsettia in memory or honor of a loved one, please call the church office (236-3565). The cost is $10.00. Everything above the cost of the poinsettias will go to the Annual Glocal Missions Offering.

First Gift Sunday - November 26
On Sunday, November 26, we will have an opportunity to give the “First Gift” of the season to honor our Savior and the ministry here at LABC.  This gift is not part of our pledge for the yearly budget; this gift is over and above anything that we have pledged or will pledge.  May God find our “first fruits” pleasing and acceptable, blessing us and His ministries in ways we cannot even imagine.

“First Gift”
If I asked how many of you had already bought your first Christmas gift(s), I imagine most of you would reply in the affirmative.  I know I have already shopped some, and I even have some friends that have already wrapped their gifts !!!!  Now that is the gift of being organized!
    Who are these gifts for ??…….people we love and care about  !!!!   We want  to show them our love through gifts that will honor them and make them happy on this special day called Christmas.
     Just a few years ago we introduced a new tradition into our Christmas season called “First Gift”, indicating that we make our first Christmas gift to God.  Since we have spent a lot of time thinking and deciding on personal gifts, let’s take some time over the next few weeks and think about the gift we want to give to His ministry here at Lexington Avenue Baptist Church.  
    In the book of Exodus we find that God’s people were given three specific times to bring gifts to God:  The Feast of Unleavened Bread ( the month they were led out of Egypt), Feast of Harvest ( when crops were sown), and Feast of Ingathering ( gathering the crops from the field).  And the people were told…” Bring the best of the first fruits ….to the house of the Lord your God”  Ex. 23:19.  In the New Testament we know Jesus, as a boy, was taken to Jerusalem on a feast day and later found in the temple conversing with the rabbis.  His parents had brought  their best offerings to honor God.
    Of course, as we think about gifts and offerings, we, as Christians, must think of the most valuable and loving gift we have ever received – the gift of salvation through Jesus, our Lord and Savior.  That gift from God is the actual reason we celebrate Christmas.
    On Sunday, November 26, we will have an opportunity to give the “First Gift” of the season to honor our Savior and the ministry here at LABC.  This gift is not part of our pledge for the yearly budget; this gift is over and above anything that we have pledged or will pledge.  May God find our “first fruits” pleasing and acceptable, blessing us and His ministries in ways we cannot even imagine.

Key Bible Verses from Ernest Martin
During a sermon, Rev. Ernest Martin shared a list of key scripture passages. Many have asked for them: Mark 2:1-12, Matthew 18:20, 24:14, Matthew 9:37-38 (his favorite), John 14:12, Revelation 5:9-10, 7:9, 11:15.

Danville Health and Rehab - James 1:27: November 9, 6:30 p.m.
As the Chaplain at Danville Health and Rehabilitation Center, I would like to invite your church to our missionary venture. We are looking for special people to be a part of our Resident’s lives. They enjoy Bible studies, visits, activities, singing, youth events, and lots of other interaction of all kinds. We are having an event at the home on November 9th at 6:30 p.m. and would enjoy sharing more with you at this time. Or you can contact us directly to become involved. You can also visit us on our website: or our Facebook page that also incliudes our James 1:27 event: Please feel free to contact me for any questions/comments/etc. I look forward to our fellowship.
---Blessings, Joshua Stine (

Phil’s Notes & Announcements
FLH’s Trip for November

We’re combining our LLL & FLH’s Trip for November due to Thanksgiving.  We’ll be leaving the church at 10 AM on Tuesday, November 14 and going to Shelbyville to eat lunch at Claudia Sander’s Restaurant!  The food is excellent and we always have a great time there.  After lunch we will probably go downtown Shelbyville and find a place to….shop?  Or just go to the outlet mall in Simpsonville?  Guys will go to the candy store!  Call Gail and make your bus seat reservation today!
Here’s Your Chance!
America’s Got Talent is coming to LABC at Christmas-you’ll have your chance on Dec. 10 to show off your talent!  Not really, but we are having a special Christmas Choir that day to sing with our instruments and we’d love to hear your talents!  We’re singing, “Joy to The World” and “Gesu Bambino”- songs you’ll know & love to sing.
Talk to Phil and pick up your songbook/CD on the piano in the Choir Room.
Albin Whitworth Asks for Your Favorite Hymn
Dr. Albin is making a recording at LABC on our organ on Dec. 7 that will be used for our 30th Moeller Organ Anniversary next year.  He’d like your input!  Tell us your favorite hymn and he may be able to play it and record it on the CD!  Call Gail and tell her your choice by November 15 and we’ll give it to Albin.  Thanks!

Upcoming Church Anniversary Celebrations
Two historical Anniversaries are upon us and planning has begun for:
    December 9, 2017: Our 90th LABC Church Anniversary.  We will probably wait until early 2018 to celebrate since it falls in the middle of our Advent Season.  We hope to celebrate with a Church Luncheon and perhaps a visiting past “celebrity”, a Drama and other Worship Plans.
    January 17, 2018: Our “Mighty Moeller” Pipe Organ turns 30 years old!  We have a very special instrument and we hope to have Albin Whitworth make a CD this Fall using this organ, and have it available as part of the plans.  Also, we hope to have Albin and Bruce Richardson come to a concert and talk about how this instrument was “born”.

Key for Kids and Families - September 2017
Thanksgiving Dinner - Sunday, November 19, 6 pm

Join us for our annual church-wide Thanksgiving feast and communion service!
Hanging of the Green
Sunday, November 26, 7 pm
Come help prepare the sanctuary for Advent during this special worship service.
ADVENTure - Wednesday, October 25, 6-7:30
Join us for a family-friendly journey through Bethlehem. We’ll have treats, art projects, games, stories, and more at our annual celebration. Don’t forget to stop by the photo booth for a family picture in the Nativity scene!
Children Lead Christmas Music in Worship - Sunday, December 17
Be sure to join us for rehearsals on Wednesday nights beginning November 1. Thanks to Steve Fegenbush and Maureen Elwyn for helping our kids prepare!
Help Needed
It takes a lot of people to make children’s ministry great, and we appreciate everyone who invests time and energy into teaching our children about God’s love. Here are some upcoming ways that you can jump in and help:
(1) Have you been at LABC for a while? Our older children will be doing some investigative reporting about the history of our church, and they’d love to sit down with you for a few minutes on a Wednesday night during the next few weeks and hear your story. If you’re interested in answering their questions, let Amanda know!
(2) Would you like to go on an ADVENTure with our children and their families? We’ll spend some time on the first Sunday of Advent (December 3) on a journey through Bethlehem. We need adults who aren’t parents of young children who can help with art, stories, treats, and games that evening from 6-7:30 (please plan to arrive by 5:45).
Thank You
To everyone who helped us prepare for Children’s Sunday: Rosalind Campbell, Nicole Farmer, Katie Fowler, Margaret Powell, Blythe Sheene, Adam Standiford, Brian Wheeler
To those who attended the October Godly Play workshop: Rosalind Campbell, Maureen Elwyn, Carolyn Montgomery
It’s (Still) Ordinary Time!
In Godly Play, we call these the Great Green Growing Days.
In Sunday School, we’re approaching some of the lesser-known stories of the Old Testament. Ask a child to tell you about the tabernacle in the desert, the temple, or the prophets and see what they might have to teach you!
Weekly Schedule
Godly Play (Children’s Sunday School) @ 9:30
Worship @ 10:45
(Nursery available for children under 3 during Sunday School and worship. Extended session available for 3 year olds - kindergarteners during the latter half of worship).
Family Night Meal @ 6:15
Children’s Activities @ 6:45

Nursery Worker Needed
The children’s ministry is in need of a paid nursery worker who can help Linda on Wednesday nights and occasionally fill in on a Sunday morning. If you or someone you know may be interested (18 and older only), please let Amanda know.

Youth November Notes 2017
Missional Youth Ministry - November 5, 6:15

We have a terrific group of youth who are faithful followers of Christ, insightful, and dedicated to serving in mission, learning, and caring for each other. All of us have a part in nurturing, mentoring, encouraging, and supporting our youth. You are invited to join us in a dialogue about youth ministry, Sunday November 5,  6:15 p.m. in the youth room. We will discuss the book, Missional Youth Ministry which offers a new paradigm for youth ministry and practical guidance. Those interested in youth ministry are invited to read and discuss the book together with us. Pick up the book from Keith if you think you might be interested or find it on Amazon Kindle or Google Play Books.
DiscipleNow Weekend - November 11-12 (Saturday & Sunday)
How Are You Being Called?
Theme: “How are you Being Called?” If the God of love has called us, how will we choose to live our lives at school, work, social, activities, and etc.
Cost: $10 (for t-shirt)
Leaders: Cameron Kenner (Georgetown College student)
Justin Johnson (Former LABC Youth Minister)
Hannah Sims (Summer Youth Minister & Western Kentucky University student)
Elizabeth Lyons (Western Kentucky University student),
Adam Standiford (Interim Youth Minister)
Keith Stillwell (Associate Pastor)
Host Homes:  Herrons’ (girls), Stillwells’ (boys)
Bring: Change of clothes, Bible, hygeine items, sleeping bag, Bible, great attitude
Football Friday Night: Since our high schools have such awesome football teams playing Friday night, we will begin on Saturday morning.
9:00 – Breakfast
9:30 - Free Time & Meet the Staff & Game
10:15 - Session 1
11:30 - Worship
12:00 - Lunch
12:30 -3:30 - Amazing Race
3:30 - Art
4:00 - Art & Free Time & Game
5:00 – Session 2
6:15 - Supper
7:00 - Prayer Experience
8:30 - To Homes
9:00 - Session 3
10:15 - Free Time
11:30 - Lights Out
8:00 - Breakfast
8:30-9:00 - Final Session
9:00 - Pack up, Clean-up, Head to LABC
9:45 - OCC Packing Party
10:45 - Youth Participation in Worship
Sunday School in November
Stewardship: Time, Possessions, Friends, Creation
Sunday Night Worship - Nov. 5, 6-8 pm
Sunday worship with the youth will be an opportunity for students to take the lessons and themes of morning worship and go deeper. By encountering scripture and discussing in group what it meant then and what it means for us today, the youth will explore being a disciple of God. Each week we worship with songs, psalms, the sermon text, experiential prayer (stations, art, journaling), shared stories, and fellowship.
We will not have Sunday Night Youth Activities:
Nov. 12 - DNow Weekend
Nov. 19 - Family Thanksgiving Dinner
Nov. 26 - Hanging of the Green
Wednesday Night Youth - Nov. 1, 8, 15
6:15 - Supper ~ 6:45 - Nooma
For the month of November, the youth will be watching and discussing three of Rob Bell’s videos from the “Nooma” series. The first week we will learn more about Jesus’ disciples, what they were like, what it meant to be a disciple of a rabbi, and how it relates to being a disciple of Jesus. Hope to see you all there!
Midnight Madness at LABC - Nov 21 - 6:00 pm -12:01 am
The Presbyterian Church, Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church, First Christian Church, and Trinity Episcopal Church invited. Supper, Games, Worship, Prayer Experience, Free Time.
Panel Discussion: Similarties and Distinctives--Baptists, Catholics, Christian Church Disciples of Christ, and Episcopalians
Winter Youth Summit - January 12-14 - Huntsville, Alabama
With FBC Memphis (Brittany) & FBC Commerce (Kelsey) & Others
Cost: $125.00 plus 3 lunches and any extra souvenirs or activities you choose (ask about scholarships) $20.00 due by Sunday, November 26
Theme: Beyond: Immeasurably More (Ephesians 3:20)
Visit the website  for schedule & more information
Social Media
Instagram: @youthlabc

Keith Stillwell's LABC Anniversary
Associate Pastor for Discipleship: November 8 - 17 Years!

A Sunday Evening Gathering - 4:00 p.m.
A prayerful reading of scripture. The Gathering meets on Sundays at 5:00 p.m. in the library (third floor, education building). Join us for a time of prayer, Bible study, and community

Wednesday Family Supper 2017-2018
1st-  Rosalind/ Anita –
8th-  Fish Fry – Masonic Lodge - Donations support Scholarship Fund ($500 ) – Church brings desserts
15th – Chili – Deacons- Church brings desserts
22th- Thanksgiving Week (No Meal)
29th -  Barbeque/Coleslaw/Chips/Dessert - Mary Elizabeth/Jack
6th – Youth Passport Fund Raiser - Youth Ministry Team 13th – Milestones/Dieverts
20th -  Chicken Potluck
27th - Winter Break (No Meal)
3rd – Soups - Deacons - Church bring desserts
10th – Kids Passport Fundraiser/Tacos/Children’s Ministry Team
17th – Chicken Potluck- Liz/Elizabeth/Patty
24th -  CoEd 1 - Chris - Church brings desserts
31st - Pizza/Salad/Dessert - Charlotte Carr
7th – Rosalind/Anita
14th – Heart for Missions – Missions Ministry Committee
21nd – Chicken Potluck - Patty/Liz/Elizabeth
28th - Men’s Breakfast - Scotty
7th – Soup’s On Us Fundraiser - Stephanie/Kathy
14th – Milestones/Dieverts
21st -  CoEd II - Church brings desserts
28th – Holy Week (No Meal)
4th – Spring Break (No Meal)
11th - Open
18th – CoEd I - Chris - Church brings dessert
25th – Chicken Potluck - Liz/Patty/Elizabeth
2nd – Ham/Potato Salad/Chips/Dessert - Judee/Scotty
9th -  Open
16th – Open
23rd – Cookout - Dieverts

Operation Christmas Child - Handy Shopping List 2017
Sunglasses, hats, beach balls, flip flops, drink cups
School supply, calculator, scissor, learning books
Socks, gloves, t-shirts, soft clothing
Toys (see March for reference
Join us for our packing party TBA
Do Not Buy & Tips:
No: Play dough, glass, liquids, toys related to war (army, guns, knives), toothpaste, or candy.
Please send extra batteries w/battery driven items. Save McDonald’s toys watch for off-season sales

The Pilot Light on the Kitchen Stove Stays On
Note to any using the kitchen: Do not turn off the the pilot light (flame) on the stove. Gas will escape into the air and could be dangerous.

LABC Original Print by Robert Powell
Available in the Church Office for Minimum Donation to Glocal Missions (For your convenience you may also get your prints during the week from Doris Cessna at Kid’s Alley on Fourth Street)
Water Color:  8 X 10 - $35 | 16 X 20 - $50
Black & White: 8 X 10 - $25 | 16 X 20 - $35
All prints are signed by the artist, Robert Powell, award winning local artist.
(Make checks payable to Lexington Avenue Baptist Church with “Church Print” in the memo)
LABC Glocal Missions: Thanks to the generosity of a church member all cost of the prints have been covered, free of charge to the church, so all donations go to support the LABC Glocal Missions Offering which includes Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, CBF Kentucky, Refugee Ministry in Morocco, Nada Mission, Soup’s On Us, Salvation Army, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, Habitat for Humanity, local Benevolence, and all the mission partners our church supports.

The Key (print edition) Deadline
Information for the print edition of the Key newsletter is normally due on the last Sunday of the month for the following month’s edition.

Common Ground - LABC Sunday School Class
What makes it easy for people to get to know one another?  Usually it begins with something they have in common.  That is exactly what this “new” Sunday school class is calling themselves, “Common Ground” with the scripture from I Corinthians 9:22“Yes, I try to find common ground with everyone so that I might bring them to Christ.”
    We have a small core group already formed from our Singles class which began last year. Since we are not exactly bursting at the seams, we decided we would like to expand and include anyone looking for a Sunday school home.  Single or married, young or older,  let us become a part of your journey as you look for ways to navigate through life’s twists and turns, keeping Christ as your focus.  That’s what we have in common…..studying the scripture, praying, encouraging one another, and sharing Jesus’ love.
    Visit with us on Sunday mornings at 9:30 in Room 305. Join Anita, Philip, Lu, Scotty and Judee; they would love to welcome everyone.  You may meet some old friends or make new friends…..”Make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the love, being one in the spirit and purpose.”  - Philippians 2:2

Kroger Rewards - Your Shopping Can Benefit LABC
Kroger has a program to offer cash rewards to non-profit organizations. If you enroll in the Kroger benefits program, whenever you use your Kroger Plus Card, LABC will receive cash awards. You must re-enroll each August. To enroll or re-enroll, follow these steps:
1. Visit
2. To re-enroll, select “Re-Enroll Now” and sign in with your email and password. If this is your first time, select “Create an Account” and register.
3. Click on your name to get to your account summary.
4. At the bottom of the page under “Community Rewards” select “Re-Enroll”
5. Enter our organization number (64936) or search for “Lexington Avenue Baptist Church”
6. Check “Lexington Avenue Baptist Church”
7. When shopping at Kroger the bottom of your receipt should have a message: “Community Rewards, At your request we are donating to Lexington Avenue Baptist Church.”
(Call the church office for more information or stop by the office if you need help enrolling.)

Upper Level Parking for Senior Adults and the Disabled
We encourage all who are able to park on the lower levels and leave the Sanctuary level parking open for senior adults, the disabled, and guests on Sunday mornings.

Hospital Rehab Items for Loan
The church has a store of basic rehab items for loan, such as: motorized wheel chair, wheel chairs, walker, cane, shower chair, toilet chair, etc. Call the church office if you are in need of such items.

LABC Online
Web Site: Consider making our home page your home page. We hope you find this web page helpful in a variety of ways with general information about our church, upcoming events and news, support for our spiritual growth, and other interesting pictures and articles.
Email: Give us your email address so we can keep you informed about upcoming events and send you a link to our newsletter online when it has been updated.
Facebook:  Like our LABC group page by searching for “Lexington Avenue Baptist Church” Danville, Kentucky. Search for “LABC Youth Group” to join the youth’s facebook page. Write on our wall when you are excited about what’s happening at church.
Twitter: We have a twitter account. Follow us at: @labcdanville. If you don’t have a twitter account go to to sign up.

Box Tops for Education: Labels for Oneida
Just a reminder that the Ruth Sunday School Class still collects soup labels and box tops for education labels. As you prepare for your holiday meals, please clip these and bring to our class room. Our goal this year has been 1,000 labels to send to Oneida Baptist Institute, Oneida Ky. So far, we have mailed over 600 labels (that doesn’t count points). A quote from OBI reads: “send us the entire label. Look for Labels for Education tm not only on Campbell’s foods, but also on products such as Vlasic, Franco-American, Prego, Swanson, Pace, and Pepperidge Farm. These labels earn points for us that we can redeem to get free educational equipment. Tyson’s Project A+ --send entire labels from specially marked Tyson chicken products. Worth 24 cents each, they return to us as a cash reward. General Mills’ Box tops for Education tm-- Send specially marked box tops. Each is worth 10 cents, and this program also turns points into cash.” This is an easy way for us to help out a wonderful institution carrying the name of Christ to a terrific group of young people as they educate and minister in their lives..--Paula Scott and the Ruth Class