Youth DiscipleNow Weekend - November 11-12 (Saturday & Sunday)



“How are you Being Called?” If the God of love has called us, how will we choose to live our lives at school, work, social, activities, and etc.

Cost: $10 (for t-shirt)

Cameron Kenner (Georgetown College student)
Justin Johnson (Former LABC Youth Minister)
Mariah Addington (Georgetown College student)
Hannah Sims (Summer Youth Minister & Western Kentucky University student)
Elizabeth Lyons (Western Kentucky University student),
Adam Standiford (Interim Youth Minister)
Keith Stillwell (Associate Pastor)

We have an exciting and excited D-Now Team for you:

Hannah Sims
Hannah is back. Former LABC youth and summer youth minister two years in a row. A Western Kentucky University student and awesome leader.

Justin Johnson
Former LABC youth and youth minister.  University of Kentucky Law graduate. Recently returned to Danville.

Elizabeth Lyons
"Hi everyone! This weekend the 11th-12th is D-Now! D-Now was always one of my favorite weekends and I'm excited to get to be on the other side!The leadership team is so excited to get to spend the weekend with you all and grow closer to God! We will spend the weekend worshipping and playing some fun games. We can't wait to see all that's in store for D-Now 2017!!"

Mariah Addington
“I am a sophomore at Georgetown College, I’m an English Major with and Education emphasis, I’m originally from Ashland, Kentucky, and, most importantly, my favorite color is purple. “

Cameron Kenner
“I am a sophomore at Georgetown College( 19 years old) from Frankfort, Kentucky. My mother is a minister in the United Methodist Church and so I have spent more time in church than just about anywhere else. Towards the end of my time in my youth group back home I felt like God wanted me to work with youth so I started leading devotionals and putting together sports teams (basketball and indoor soccer) to get more people involved in our group. Here at Georgetown I am studying Biochemistry and Philosophy, as time has gone on I am less and less sure what I want to do after college but I believe it will be something in the sciences that will allow me to work with youth as well. Most of my time right now is interwoven with my school work but when I am able to I enjoy playing basketball, rock climbing, and especially volleyball. I also really love Christian rappers like KB (got to go see a concert by him recently), Trip Lee (same concert) , and Social Club Misfits (a hiphop duo but I count them). I can play the Ukulele and piano but not very well. Most importantly, my favorite color is yellow. “

Adam Standiford & Keith Stillwell
Adam wrote the curriculm for the weekend.

Callie Minks & Dianne Stillwell
Amazing Race planners

Host Homes: 
Herrons’ (girls)
Stillwells’ (boys)

Change of clothes, Bible, hygiene items, sleeping bag, pillow, Bible, great attitude

Football Friday Night:
Since our high schools have such awesome football teams playing Friday night, we will begin on Saturday morning.


9:00 – Breakfast
9:30 - Free Time & Meet the Staff & Game
10:15 - Session 1
11:30 - Worship
12:00 - Lunch
12:30 -3:30 - Amazing Race
3:30 - Art
4:00 - Art & Free Time & Game
5:00 – Session 2
6:15 - Supper
7:00 - Prayer Experience
8:30 - To Homes
9:00 - Session 3
10:15 - Free Time
11:30 - Lights Out

8:00 - Breakfast
8:30-9:00 - Final Session
9:00 - Pack up, Clean-up, Head to LABC
9:45 - OCC Packing Party
10:45 - Youth Participation in Worship