Morocco Team Report - Sunday, October 30, 10:45 a.m.


Day 7 - Thursday - Pictures from Amanda (Oct. 3-6)

Day 6 - Wednesday - October 5 in Tangier

Day 5 - Tuesday - October 4

Day 4 - Monday in Meknes - October 3

Day 3 - Sunday - October 2 (10th Anniversary Celebration) - Pictures

Day 2 - Saturday - October 1 - Pictures

Day 2 - Saturday - October 1 - Pictures

Day 1 (& Flight) - Sept. 29-30 - Pictures

October 5: Rosalind Campbell
Wednesday in Tangier. Sightseeing in the morning. Met with migrants in the afternoon. Heard a particularly heart-wrenching story from one young man. Joyous worship and celebration of 10 years of partnership this evening. So much love and hope.

October 3: Rosalind Campbell
Incredible sights on the drive to Volubilis and then tour of ancient Roman ruins at Volubilis. I discovered that my traveling companions are very competitive when it comes to playing Count the Cows (and sheep) on the drive to Tangier. My team lost because we conceded defeat too soon. Who knew there would be flocks of sheep in the middle of a city and one more cemetery just around the corner?

This evening we enjoyed the hospitality of the church here in Tangier and met some fellow American travelers who arrived today from Cairo. This group also is focusing on refugee/migrant ministry. Looking forward to spending the day with them tomorrow.

Sept. 30: Rosalind Campbell
I just wanted to thank all who have offered prayers and well-wishes for our Morocco trip. We feel those prayers. After a safe and uneventful trip, we have enjoyed the sights and sounds of Rabat this afternoon, had a delicious dinner at the church, sat in on part of a lively praise and prayer gathering and been loved on by the most gracious, joyful people I have ever met. Our team is sandwiched between two wonderful congregations of people who extend God's love so freely and openly.

Sept. 29: Rosalind Campbell
Sitting on the plane in Atlanta waiting to depart for Paris!!! Then on to Morocco!!! Prayers appreciated for our team as we embark on this journey. Pray for safety, good health, energy, our loved ones who will keep the home fires burning and most of all, God's eyes, hands and heart for the people we will meet and love. God bless y'all!!

Rabat, Morocco Time

Morocco Ten Year Anniversary Celebration Trip - Sept. 29 - Oct. 9

Rosalind Campbell, Amanda Standiford, and Shawna Stomberger will represent LABC in Morocco. They will join seven others from CBF Kentucky, leading children’s teaching conferences for children’s leaders in the churches, worshiping with our partner church in Rabat, delivering supplies for African Refugee Ministry and encouraging leaders, and celebrating ten years of partnership with the churches in Kentucky and Morocco. Follow the team with reports and pictures on our facebook page:

Friday, September 30 - Fly into Casablanca, travel to Rabat (about an hour drive).  
Saturday, October 1 - All day training for those children’s leaders in Rabat
Sunday, October 2 - Worship in Rabat
Monday, October 3 - travel to Meknes and meet with church people and maybe migrants, sleep in Meknes
Tuesday, October 4 - visit Volubilis plus travel to Tangier (FBC Frankfort & Buechel Park to Oujda) 6.5 hour train from Meknes to Oujda, sleep in Tangier.
Wednesday, October 5 -Tangier - visit with migrants, training at church, sleep in Tangier (Oujda - for FBC Frankfort & Buechel Park)
Thursday, October 6 - Pont de Dieu (natural bridge) with friends from Tanger, sleep in Chefchaouen (Oujda for FBC Frankfort & Buechel Park)
Friday, October 7 - walk around Chefcauouen and all travel to Casablanca to meet with team there (9 hour train from Oujda to Casa)
Saturday, October 8 - all day training in Casablanca (same as in Rabat)
Sunday, October 9 - fly home

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