Stewardship Testimony - Paula Scott

Count your many Blessings, name them one, by one
Count your many Blessings, see what God has done
Count your Blessings, Count your Blessings,
Count your many Blessings see what God has done.

That old hymn rings true for me. When you get to be old like me, you can look back and see how many blessings God has bestowed on your lifetime. Name them one by one? It could never be done. When I was in 7th grade the WMU in our small church in Missouri decided to try something new, Girl’s Auxiliary, known as GA’s. We were small, we were few, but what a foundation for missions GA’s instilled in us - “Give of your time, money, and personality”. What a challenge God gave a few 7th & 8th grade girls through that program.

Now Ken and I have been married 54 years on our upcoming anniversary. All through our marriage God has challenged us with how we spend our “time, money, and our personalities” but He has blessed us tremendously through those years and enabled us to rear four children and blessed us with seven grandchildren. He has given us loving churches in Baton Rough LA., Charleston WV, Grosse Ile MI, Decatur and Ottawa IL and now LABC. Churches where our time, money and personalities are used to encourage, support, and help others in Christ’s name.

We CAN count our blessings and name them one by one. We count Christian friends as family, Bible wisdom from Sunday School teachers and faithful, humble pastors. It is a blessing to give our offerings in support of HIS CHURCH in support of GA’s, RA’s, Sunday School, and the ministries that LABC uses to grow Christ’s kingdom. I encourage you to take a few moments as you give your tithes and offerings and look at the balance between what you keep and what God has blessed you with. Thank you Father for your Blessings.