From Keith

With Adam Nash’s graduation and departure as youth minister, and after consulting with the personnel committee and Tommy, for the time being, I will focus half of my time on youth ministry, working with Amanda Standiford. For the summer,  we are excited to have the help of our graduate volunteers: Hannah Sims, David Valentine, T. J. Lyons, Laken Thomas, and Paul Robertson, and now Megan Rice will be joining us in Nada. Each one of these young people sought us out, volunteering to help. Each of them have been nurtured by this church and by our youth ministry.

The other half of my time will be devoted to equipping members for leadership and helping with organizational development as it relates to my areas of responsibility. Given our current budget, staffing responsibilites in the future will need to change, so I will spend half of my time working in these areas:

Organizational: Alongside church staff and lay leaders, evaluate committee and team structures and procedures for potentially more efficient, effective, and faithful approaches. Guide the implementation of changes the church feels are beneficial.

Missions: With the Missions Leadership Team and the church, engage in a process for discerning God’s future vision for LABC mission engagement and partnerships. This will include re-dreaming our commitments based on the gifts, time, natural connections, passions, and financial resources of our church. I will also work with the Missions Leadership Team to determine the make up and tasks of the Missions Leadership Team to best accomplish God’s mission.

Sunday School: Enlist and train Sunday School leaders to assist with adult teacher enlistment, curriculum planning, and administration of Sunday School.

Communications: Evaluate how we communicate to members and the public about the ministries of the church. Consider money-saving and time-saving approaches that still allow us to communicate effectively through the webpage, social media, bulletins, newsletters, etc.

Discovering the Gifts and Calling of our Members: With church staff and lay leadership, emphasize God’s calling and gifting of all Christians for ministry, guiding members to find their places of ministry inside and outside of the church.

I ask for your participation in this, where fitting, and your patience since I will not be able to do some things I have been accustomed to doing in the past. I’m looking forward to the summer and beyond and I am excited about the new possibilities for our church.

Agape, Keith