Announcing The Preacher's Well

I am excited to share that I am writing a weekly word of encouragement called The Preacher's Well. Each Tuesday I'll share a thought, scripture, quote, or current event that helps to deepen my walk with Christ. I pray it will do the same for you.

The Preacher's Well is free and will come to your inbox each Tuesday.  BUT YOU HAVE TO SIGNUP to receive it!  If you're like me you get a lot of things in your inbox, much of which you don't want or don't read.  I don't want to add to your clutter.  But if you want to receive this brief letter of encouragement from me each week, please email me at 

The Preacher's Well is something God has placed on my heart to begin. So I'll trust God to lead me in its development and writing. The Preacher's Well will evolve some as the weeks move along!

Thanks for your support!

Tommy Valentine