Pastor's Pen, April 2015

April is an exciting month. You can finally sense that winter’s days are over. You see an abundance of colors popping out. Birds have returned with their familiar melodies. The grass, which it seems we haven’t seen for a while, has turned a lush green. The warmth of the sun fills our hearts with joy. Baseball has begun once again. You can even, at times, feel a smile creep upon your face at unexpected moments. April is exciting.

Our Journey through Lent, and through John’s gospel is nearly complete as well. Easter is upon us. I wonder what we have learned together through this journey? I wonder what I have learned?  As we have traveled through John’s gospel I have learned the unique ways in which Jesus calls us, according to John. Those words, “Come and see” come to my mind time and time again. They are words that invite me on a journey upon which I will discover both new and old places. Upon this journey I will meet people, those I have known for a long time, and those I have yet to meet.

On this journey I will learn more and more about what it means to be a follower of Christ and I will discover what Christ asks of me, just as he asked Nicodemus and the Samaritan woman to grasp new understandings of drinking living water and being born again. The journey will have twists and turns, valleys and hillsides, rocky paths and smooth trails. But I, we, will not journey alone. Christ journeys with us each step of the way.
Who knows what April holds for us—lots of sunshine, lots of rain, windy days, and calm days, warm days and chilly days? Who knows what our journey with Christ holds for us? He asks only that we “Come and see!” May the God of grace lead us gently through this journey.

Blessings in Christ,