From the Steering Committee

Steering Committee Renovation Tour - Tuesday, July 22, 5:00 p.m.
The Steering Committee will be conducting a facilities tour to look at the areas in our church under consideration for a renovation project, including, for example, kitchen, gym, fellowship hall, youth area, boilers, windows, and more. Members of the congregation are welcome to join them to get a clearer picture and explanation of renovation plans.

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As we continue to meet we thought it would be important to answer some of the questions that were asked on May 21 during our dialogue with the church. We would like to start with the questions about renovation.  The specific areas of focus for renovation surfaced after discussions involving the church and the renovation committee on at least one Wednesday night.  From the discussions the following areas surfaced as priorities.
Youth Area
Add kitchenette (small sink, small refrigerator, some cabinets, microwave); add bathroom.  The kitchenette and bathroom would be adjacent to each other and above the men’s bathroom on the office level in unused classrooms along the outside wall; create a doorway in the wall separating youth Sunday school room and game room.

move wall with pass through window out to the end of the slate like tiles, where the divider currently is, to match with current block wall; add pass through windows and doors in that wall; add new/used appliances (will keep refrigerator and freezer); appliances include commercial grade gas stove with double convection ovens, new 3 compartment stainless steel sink (14” deep) and washing area, perhaps dishwasher, warming cabinets, new cabinets and island work areas. Ice machine may need to be replaced.  A new hood will be required along with some new electrical wiring and outlets and new gas lines. Add a hand washing sink adjacent to the three sink stainless steel sink as required by health department if renovation is made.  

Fellowship Hall

Upgrade bathrooms, new ceiling tiles and lighting (more energy efficient), new paint, carpet squares on flooring, (Centenary Methodist Church and Danville Presbyterian Church both have these and have had them a number of years.  They are easily cleaned and a single square can be replaced if damaged); remove current dividers and add two new motorized dividers at the end of the current hallway and at the gym.  Both would automatically fold up in a closet against the wall.  Add a double entry way to the main fellowship hall entrance to cut down on cold/hot air and debris that come in as people enter and exit the fellowship hall.  Add new window treatments.

Repair and refinish the current floor; add basketball goals at both ends; add brackets for volleyball nets; brick in windows at the east end of the building; add protective grids to windows on north end of gym.  Remove tiled ceiling and lift HVAC units higher and add lighting and new raised ceiling.
The Steering Committee met May 28th and is looking at ways to answer other questions.  We will continue to meet and appreciate any and all input you have.  Please feel free to share comments or questions with any of the committee members.

Scotty Vanderpool, Chair       
David Williams
Henry Wilson               
Martha Brummett
Jack Godbey               
Lee Fowler