Pastor's Pen, August 2014

It’s good to be back from sabbatical.  This time away was a wonderful experience filled with learning and rest. I appreciate your prayers for me and my family while I was away.  Some of you took the time to send me an encouraging word through mail, email, or social media.  Those words were much appreciated.

I’m grateful to our church staff for making sure that things ran smoothly and for providing ministry throughout these weeks. I was never in doubt as to their ability and their willingness to do this for all of us. Each of them really makes a huge difference in the life of our church.

I’m grateful as well for Brittany Krebs and for the sermons she prepared and delivered; the pastoral care she provided; the compassion she shared; and, the encouragement she offered. She is a gifted minister. You had a role in nurturing her faith as she grew up here at LABC. Take the time, as will I, to let her know how much her presence meant to you this summer.

I want to share what I did during sabbatical with you in the coming days.  I will do some of this sharing on Sundays, and some on Wednesdays, and in small groups that I will meet with in the coming days.  

Let me say, now, that I did complete the editing of the sermons for the book on behalf of the Academy of Preachers, 70 sermons in all. It is soon to be in the hands of the publisher. In addition I wrote a short chapter introducing the book suggesting that there are three questions each preacher must ask as we approach the preaching task:  “Who am I?” “Do I know the people I am preaching to?” and, “Have I listened to the text?” There can be more questions and usually are in the preaching event. But those three were the ones I wanted to share with the readers of the book.

Finally, let me thank you for the time to be away from my daily responsibilities as pastor. I come back to you now renewed and refreshed as we continue our journey with Christ. I look forward to being with you in worship this Sunday.

In Christ,


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