Haiti Mission Trip - March 24-April 1

Haiti Mission Trip Report

Friday, March 28
"Eddie Arnold sent these 3 pictures.  The third one is the items they put in their backpacks and take to home visits: rice, beans, canned fish, matches, oil, spaghetti, children's dresses and shorts. Susan spoke with Eddie briefly today. They finished all they can do on the house.  This morning, Eddie took Doris Cessna around the area and gave her a tour. They went by motorcycle.  I told him they should have gotten a picture of that. They were preparing for their afternoon and evening home visits.  He said it must be in the 90's, that it was very hot." --Susan Arnold

Wednesday, March 26
Doris Cessna called in this report from Haiti, Wednesday night:
"We had a very good day. We started on the house and finished about a third of the house. This afternoon we had home visits, which was awesome. We're all doing fine and eating way too much."

Haiti Mission Trip Prayer Guide

A mission team, which includes two from our church, Eddie Arnold and Doris Cessna, will be traveling to Haiti, March 21-April 1, to build a home, engage in one-on-one evangelism, and provide some essential cooking items (rice, beans, cooking oil, spaghetti, dried fish, soap and matches) to needy families. The other members of the team are: Rick Gallant, Danville, Ky; and Paul Maggard, Kingsport, Tn. Please pray for them as they prepare and as they go:

1. Team Members - Health Safety
2. Families of Team Members - Pray all goes well while the team is on the mission field.
3. Travel - Safety on international and in-country flights and that all baggage with our supplies arrives with us.
4. Family of the Habitat Home - For their health and that they are receptive to the team and hearing the Word of God.
5. Home Prayer Visit - Families will be receptive to the Word of God as we minister to them one on one.
6. Haitian People - That they woud be receptive.

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