Pastor's Pen, March 2014

When did you feel closest to God this past week?  Was it during a worship service, when you visited with a friend, or when you smiled at the stranger in the store?  Did you feel closest to God when you sent a note to someone who needs to be encouraged?  Did you feel closest to God when someone stopped by to help you or when you received a kind word from someone?

We shared this question in our deacon’s meeting this last week.  They had some great responses and insights. 

God is never far from us—though sometimes we don’t feel very close to God.  Maybe the way we feel close to God is by doing the things God has asked us to do—like loving our neighbor and sharing God’s love with others.  Perhaps we find a closeness to God by opening our eyes and our hearts to the many ways God reveals God’s self to us on a daily basis.  I suspect if we do those things, even just a bit, we will feel very close to God. 

Join us for worship this Sunday as we discover God’s presence at work among us.


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