Thank You Notes, October 2014

Just a note of thanks for sending out the Gideon Bibles in remembrance of Madge Mayes.

Warmest regards,
The Clarks-Lillian & Jim

What a truly wonderful church family we have! My thanks for all the candy, flowers, food, and visits and especially the prayers while I was recovering from my broken hip. I hope to be back in church soon and keep Phil in your prayers as he goes through his chemo treatments.

Love to All,
Phil and Doris Burton

Once again I want to thank my church family for their thoughts and prayers before and after my second surgery. I am doing real well.

Ruth Rankin

Dear Members of LABC,
Hello! Thank you very much for your kind words and thoughtfulness. It truly means so much to me that you mentioned me in your prayers and sermon.

God Bless,
Taylor Stewart

LABC Family,

Thank you for the notes and prayers during my recent surgery and recovery.

Gary Hensley

Dear Tommy and Members,
Just want to thank you again for all of the prayers, cards and thoughtful support during this difficult time with George’s health issues. It has been wonderful to have your call, Tommy, as well as hearing from Keith also.
Thanks for our Anniversary wishes too- very nice to be remembered!!

In God we Trust,
Peggy White

Thank you to everyone for the prayers, calls, cards & food during my surgery and recovery; especially Jo Garnett, Phil & Melodee Quinn and my Sunday School Class (Faithful & True), Carolyn Montgomery, Margaret Horton, Doris Burton, Brittany Krebs, and Keith Stillwell.

Pat Bodner