Pastor's Pen, October 2014

October is filled with color, crisp, cool air and festivals.  We will experience all three of those this month at LABC.  It is a fun month.

I will begin a 4 sermon series this month titled “I love LABC because . . .”  You can see the schedule below.  I am sure there are many more reasons each of us loves LABC and I am interested in hearing about those reasons.  You’ll notice that for three of these sermons is listed a particular reason we may love LABC.  But the third sermon doesn’t have a particular response.  That’s where you come in.  I want to invite you to help fill it in. Send me the reason or reasons you love LABC.  I’ll collect all the responses and choose one or a theme from several of the responses for the third reason we love LABC. I want you to have time to think about it and give your very best responses.

There are a number of ways you can share the reasons you love LABC with me:
1—We will have an insert in the bulletin in the coming Sundays that you can write your reason down and we will collect those at the end of the service.
2—Write a post “I love LABC because . . .” on our LABC Facebook page.  It would be great for others on Facebook to see the reasons we love LABC.
3—Email me your
4—Text me your reasons—859-583-0051
I am looking forward to preaching this series and excited about hearing the many reasons we love Lexington Avenue Baptist Church.

Oct 19 - “I Love LABC Because . . .it is where I first experienced God”
Oct 26    - “I love LABC Because . . . it is my church family; it is my home”
Nov 2 -“I Love LABC Because . . .(Congregational responses)”
Nov 9 - “I Love LABC Because . . . it bears witness to God’s Love”

I look forward to seeing you Sunday.



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