"Get Connected" at the Welcome Cafe'

Dear Friend,
Earlier this week, I was greeted by the word HeBrews at the Nineveh Christian Church in Lawrenceburg. As part of the church’s welcome center coffee station, HeBrews is both meaningful and clever.
The cleverness and many interpretations easily gleaned from HeBrews brought a smile to my face. And, I was reminded of my responsibility to help lead the LABC Welcome Café (WC) ministry.
Today, I write seeking your assistance and support. Specifically, volunteers are needed to host the café each Sunday.  Might your class, committee or team claim a month or a Sunday?
The current schedule is attached. Thanks to a few Sunday School classes, the café is fully staffed in November, February, June and July. However, the remainder of the year is open.
In addition, several have inquired about financial gifts to this ministry. They are welcome, appreciated and needed for equipment such as a high capacity hot chocolate maker and other items to make the WC convenient to those hosting and those being served.  If you should have interest in this, designate your gift for the WC.
The WC is a ministry where HeBrews 13:2 is alive and well. It is a place where God’s love is in action, a place where LABC family, friends and guests gather Sunday mornings to carry out Colossians 3:12.  I am especially grateful to those who have helped the WC thrive this past year. God’s blessings are abundant.
Thank you for considering this request for assistance and support.
Rhonda Caldwell
10 Things to know About the WC
1. It’s a gathering place located in the fellowship hall for LABC family, friends and guests prior to Sunday School
2. Operational hours are 9:10 to 9:40 a.m.
3. Hosts typically arrive at 9 a.m.
4. Setup involves filling the tea kettle with water/turning it on and setting out paper supplies, tea, and any food items you might bring
5. Early arrivals make the coffee each Sunday, and it’s a smooth operation
6. Beverages and paper products are provided
7. Breakfast items are welcome, but not required
8. Typically, 30 folks gather at the WC, but others drop by on their way to and from class
9. Deacons of the Week join hosts in the WC as part of the welcoming/greeting team
10. Clean-up is a matter of shutting down the café and takes about 5 minutes.
HeBrews 13:2
Don't forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it.