Pastor's Pen, January 2014

“I love to tell the story . . .”  Those words found in a hymn we sing capture the hearts of many of us and certainly capture the essence of our church’s mission.  We love to tell the story.  Beginning Sunday, January 5th and continuing through the first Sunday in May, we will focus on “The Story.”  Many of our Sunday School classes will devote their time to looking at selected passages from the Bible and our worship will focus around those same passages as we move through Genesis to Revelation.  It is always exciting when many of us are focused on the same scripture passages each week.  I always find a renewed sense of energy and excitement in my faith as we do that.

My friend and mentor, Chuck Bugg, will be helping us to begin our emphasis on Sunday, January 5th.  I will be attending the Academy of Preachers’ National Festival in Indianapolis that weekend.  I will be editing a book of sermons compiled from that festival.  Dr. Bugg will do an excellent job setting the stage for the coming weeks and I will be praying that this weekend starts well as we begin this emphasis together.  If you are not in a Sunday School class and want to be part of the study, call the office and we can get you the material you will need.  This may be the time to find a class to be connected with as well.  However you do it, I invite you to join together as we hear “The Story.”

We welcome Amanda Standiford as our Children’s Minister this month.  I hope you will take the time to get to know her and pray for her and our children’s ministry.  I look forward to her being part of our staff here at LABC.

Come join us this Sunday,


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