Morocco Partnership Trip, October 3-13, 2013

A team from LABC will be joining others from the Kentucky Baptist Fellowship on a partnership trip to Morocco.

The LABC Team

Callie Minks, Martha Robertson, Sharon Price, and Keith Stillwell

Morocco Mallard's Meeting, Sunday September 15

Anyone interested in our Rabat, Morocco partnership is invited to join us for lunch on Sunday, September 15 after morning worship to discuss future plans. Specifically, we will discuss plans to invite a team from Rabat to visit us in 2014.

Prayer Partners

If you would like to be prayer partner for one of our team members, please contact Keith. Prayer Partners will: (1) Attend the Morocco fundraiser dinner and prayer meeting on Wednesday, September 18; (2)Write a prayer card to send with your team member (See Keith about certain kinds of language that should not be printed on a card taken into the country). (3) Receive a trip itinerary and pray daily for your team member. (4) Stand with your team member in the commissioning service on Sunday, Sept. 29 (optional).

Morocco Fundraiser Meal - Wednesday, Sept. 18, 6:15 p.m.

The Morocco Partnership team will provide the meal. Proceeds will go to help defray the cost of the trip for the team.

Financial Assistance

In keeping with our future planning for the partnership, most of our Morocco budget for this year will be used for a trip next year, so the team (except for Keith- he is using the ticket he was unable to use last year) will be responsible for most of the expense of this trip. If you would like to provide some financial assistance to any or all members of the team, please contact Keith.


The team will be participating in Women's Ministries with various churches throughout Morocco (not Keith), engaging in ministry with African Refugees, continuing our relationship with our partner church in Rabat, and helping with children's curriculum in Rabat (a need identified on the last trip). Callie Minks has agreed to serve as our Morocco Partnership leader and serve as liaison between LABC and the Rabat Church. So she will be going in that capacity to meet their partnership team and make connections for LABC.

About Morocco

Morocco is a moderate Muslim country, primarily Arabic speaking. Christianity is legal in Morocco, though it is against the law to proselytize a Muslim. The Kentucky Baptist Fellowship partners with the Evangelical Church of Morocco (EEAM), which includes a number of churches throughout the country. Lexington Avenue Baptist partners with the church in Rabat, the capital city. The church is made up primarily of French speaking African students studying at the Universities in Morocco. The partnership with EEAM includes ministry with Moroccan refugees—Africans who have fled war, famine, and political unrest and end up in Morocco destitute.