Children's News - August 2013

Summer Rotation Sunday School
Teachers please see Tara to sign up for a rotation Sunday. Summer Rotations will continue until Labor Day.

School Prayers

Prayers for everyone this month as you begin a new school year. Children, Teachers, and Parents you are in our thoughts.

Children’s Blanket

Children made a blanket during camp to give to a child in our community that is in need. If you have any suggestions for who should receive it please talk to Tara.

A Word About Kid’s Music in The Fall

If your child likes to sing, you might want to let them audition for Danville Children’s Choir this month (just call Melissa Grubbs). Our Adult Choir is collaborating with DCC to sing together during an Advent Service on Dec. 15. It will be a big deal! But you have to be a member of DCC to sing with us! They are a great choir and have great leadership—your child will learn so much! Questions? Ask Phil or call Melissa.

Thank You
Lexington Avenue Baptist Church, Thank you for budgeting/planning for us to go to Passport kids camp. We all appreciate the opportunity and thank everyone who donated and raised money for us to go. Also, thank you to Billy Luster and Amy Miller for chaperoning alongside me in Tennessee. You guys were awesome!!!!

Back to School Bash !!!
Our Back to School Bash is Saturday, August 10, 1:00-5:00 p.m. (leave the church parking lot at 1:00 p.m.) at Anderson Dean Water Park (Note the is different date and time from what was published in the Key). Preschoolers must attend with parents please. Youth and families are also invited. The cost is a donation of a school supply item for the Kay Floyd for Kids Memorial Project, $4.00 for admission, and any money for snacks. Please let Tara know or call church office if you plan on attending in able for us to prepare for transportation. Thanks.