Thank You Notes, October 2013

So much thanks goes out to the congregation of Lexington Avenue Baptist Church for the generous donation in support of the children of the Danville Schools. Families first is so blessed to be able to share in the bounty of the Kay Floyd Memorial. Thanks and blessings to all.

Anna Houston, Director

LABC Staff and Church Family,
Thanks to all of our church family for your prayers, cards, calls and support you gave me and our entire family during this time of my recent surgery and recovery. May you be blessed for showing your love and care for others. Your thoughtfulness will not be forgotten.

Love in Christ,
Ferne Martin

Dear Friends:
Our students are now a few weeks into the fall semester. The campus is once again filled with busy activities of a new school year.
Things are now beginning to move at a hectic pace for everyone on campus. Please pray for students, faculty, and staff as we try our best to budget our time this semester.
During September we have our annual campus revival. The preacher this year is Dr. Junior Hill. Pray for renewal and a deeper commitment to evangelism and missions.
Thank you for helping us with your prayers and your giving.
Thanks for all you do.
Donnie Fox, President
Clear Creek Baptist Bible College

To All My Fellow members of LABC,
Ted and I want to thank you for all your prayerful support the past few weeks. I so enjoyed the cards and your comments. Thanks again to all of you.

Natalie & Ted Monroe

Dear LABC Family,
Thank you so very much for all of the many prayers that were made during the days and hours leading up to the birth of our precious granddaughters, Karson and Kenzie. We know that it is your prayers and God’s grace that guided the physicians with the treatment plan that was best for both Stephanie and the girls. May we ask that you continue to pray for the girls as they grow and get stronger? It will be so exciting the day that we get to introduce them to their church family. We are so blessed to be a part of a community of faith that genuinely cares about our family. GOD is good!!

Blessings to all of you,
The Brummetts