Pastor's Pen, August 2013

Some years ago I received a newsletter with the following in it. Though I no longer can remember it’s source, I find it to contain some very meaningful words for us. Enjoy.

Cut from his high school varsity team as a sophomore, Michael Jordan was soon recruited by coaches at the University of North Carolina where he sank a last-minute, game-winning shot as a freshman in the 1982 N.C.A.A. championship game. He continued on to become known as the greatest basketball player in the world.
Garth Brooks, 1987. While appearing in an amateur talent showcase as a last-minute replacement, he was spotted by a Capitol Records scout and signed to a recording contract. His first record sold more than thirteen million copies.
In each of these situations, someone -  a coach, an agent -  took a long enough look to see beneath the surface. Instead of seeing only a skinny high school kid or a wanna-be musician, they saw potential. They saw talent. They saw heart.  They saw a treasure inside, waiting to be discovered.  They saw not just what these individuals were, but what they could possibly become. 
There is a treasure inside of you... something that you are called to be, or to do, or to become. God sees beyond the surface that the world sees. He sees the gifts He's given you. The passions. The dreams. He knows that with His help, and a little willingness on your part, that treasure can be discovered and developed and shared with the world.

Join me in this journey with God as he reveals and develops the treasure inside of you and me.

With His Grace,


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