Nada Mission 2013 (Pictures)

Nada Mission 2013 (Photos)

A Recap of our Nada Mission Trip 2013:

Our children with Tara, Hope, and Carolina, thoroughly cleaned a nice disabled lady's home, and even washed her dog. Billy Luster repaired her hand rail and a few other minor repairs.

Dave Arnold mowed a lawn for our good friends Junior and Cindy (He has been suffering with shingles) and did some weedeating at the mission.

Carl Smith, with the three Wills and Micah Fowler installed storm doors on two different homes, working overtime without overtime pay.

Andrea East, Justin Johnson, Micah Logan, Stacy, Sam, and Laken cleaned up the basketball courts and prepared the games for the graduation celebration.

Dianne Stillwell and Michelle Smith, did the shopping and keep us fed all weekend (a never ending job).

Miguels Pizza was had by all and Ale8One and campfire Smores by most.

The Great and Powerful Oz was the Saturday night movie ("It's better to be good than great") with our little friend, Cherokee, from Nada.

On Sunday we finished getting ready for the Graduation Celebration. LABC Kids painted the "Con-grad-ulation" sign.

Tara led the LABC and Nada children in activities.

Our youth set up lots of fun and wet games in the lawn for the kids of Nada.

Worship music was provided by our LABC children with the help of some of our youth for a good crowd of families from the Nada community.

We congratulated and applauded the two Nada graduates and presented them with gifts. Then we drew names for prizes for everyone in the community. Thanks LABC for the giifts and prizes. We enjoyed a hamburger and hotdog cookout and some graduation cake.

We capped off the graduation celebration with our second annual Nada Hoops Classic. Thanks to Jerry Farmer, Clay Donaldson, Manuel Reardon, and Justin Johnson for reffing, coaching, and organizing the game. After Justin Johnson, coach of the red team, got the cooler of ice water dumped on him for winning the game, we closed with a large circle of prayer with players and fans.

As always, friendships were formed and many good conversation were had with friends in Nada.

Thanks to LABC for your prayers and support and to the mission team members for your hard work.

The team:

Keith Stillwell
Dianne Stillwell
Carl Smith
Michelle Smith
Billy Luster
Dave Arnold
Jerry Farmer
Nicole Farmer
Manuel Reardon
Clay Donaldson
Tara Farmer
Barrett Minks
Britton Minks
Landon Luster
Sterling Farmer
Cloie Luster
Brooklyn Farmer
Lucy Sebastia
Andrea East
Justin Johnson
Hope Farmer
Laken Thomas
Stacy Terrell
Carolina Meroni
Will Arnold
Micah Fowler
Sam Price
Will Turpin
Will Terrell
Micah Logan

Paula Settle, Nada Missionary, sent this note:   
Thank you so much for the Graduation Celebration that you provided for the two Nada graduates and their family and friends.  The basketball game is truly a highlight of the event.
A special thank you for the Ruth Class for gathering  baby items for our new babies that are coming.
Thank you to Carl and the teen boys who installed two wonderful storm doors for two families.
Paula Settle
CBF Field Personnel for E. Ky.


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