Stewardship: A Covenant with God

We often think of being a good steward or about stewardship in the realm of tithing or returning a part of our financial resources to God’s work. Each of us is aware that stewardship is much more than our giving; however, our giving of our financials adds opportunity for a local faith community to be engaged in Good Works.

LABC devoted the month of April to recognizing our glocal commitment to God’s work and those He has in ministry to others. Because of our faithful stewardship, we saw and learned of the many good works that our LABC family supports financially and otherwise.     

At its heart, stewardship is a covenant about what we have and who we are in our belonging to God. As the Body of Christ, LABC is in a covenant with God and each other. This covenant knits us together. God initiates the covenant and never betrays the call. Our role is to respond believing. Our church exists because God’s Holy Spirit has called us together to be in service to others, proclaim the gospel, both locally and globally, and resist the powers of evil. As a community of faith bound together through this covenant, we are about “walking together in all of God’s ways.” We are, or hope to be, His stewards as we respond as a community of faith and impact the world.

So as we reflect on our glocal commitments to God, recall our covenant, initiated by God, manifested by His son, Jesus Christ, and directed by the Holy Spirit. Through our stewardship covenant, individually and corporately, we can make a world of difference in His name.

Harry Nickens,

Member, LABC Stewardship Committee