Thank You Notes, May 2013

Thanks to our LABC church family for their prayers, cards, calls and food following Lester’s death. Our thanks also to the Renfro Sunday School Class for loving and caring for him. Our appreciation also to the Ruth Sunday School Class for a delicious meal after the funeral.

Onilee Lawless & family

Thank you so much for remembering Lester with Gideon Bibles. At last count the total was almost 70. I know the Bibles will be a blessing to others. Your remembrance is so kind. He had been a member of LABC for almost 49 years.

Onilee (Lawless) & family

Dear administrators and church family,

Wow, that took a lot of copy and pasting to get everyone on this e-mail.  I just really wanted to say thank you.  Tomorrow I am giving a presentation at the annual RICE, Research Internship Creative Endeavor, Symposium.  I am giving my presentation on the focus of my Seminar research paper last year entitled "The Baptist Separation: The Fall of the Moderate Baptist."  In case anyone is interested I will be presenting at Young Hall rm 213 at 4:25.  However, the main reason for my e-mail is just to say thank you. (Even though this event has past, thought you would still appreciate seeing the whole note-the office)

Although I may not have been the most aggressive in trying to get to every church event, Lexington Avenue has indeed meant a lot to me over these past 4 years.  Many of the books I got for my research were donated by Keith Stillwell and I've enjoyed listening and singing in the church proper for these past four years.  Thank you for providing me a church home, that I have come to more fully appreciate and love as time has past.  I pray this finds you all well and in good spirit.

Yours in Christ,
J.J. Crumpler

I want to thank my church family for your kindness and generosity and for the cards, prayers and many visits during my illness and recovery.

Ken Wall

Many, many thanks to each of you for making our Soups on us Wednesday so successful!!! To all who contributed in any way...thanks

Love and God Bless
Soups On us

Dear LABC family,

Thank you so very much for your prayers, cards, calls and visits during our grandson’s recent illness and surgery. He continues to get stronger and closer to his “normal” as an eleven year old each day. Again, thank you for your loving support.

Blessings on you,
Bernard & Carolyn Montgomery