Children's February News 2013

Children’s Day in Worship, Sunday, Feb. 24, 10:45 a.m.
Theme: “Being a Good Neighbor”
Worship will include:
•    Children leading in prayer, scripture reading, welcoming, offering, and music
•    “Jesus Loves Me,” sung in Mandarin Chinese
•    Blessing and prayer for the children (Parents of nursery children are invited to bring their children to the first part of the worship service to join in for the blessing and prayer.)
•    Rainbow Bells
•    Multi-media of children’s pictures from the past year
•    Recognition of Extended Session workers
•    Video Greetings to the children of Rabat

More Children's News and Events:

PASSPORTkids Camp - July 25-28 - Crossville TN
Register for camp now with a $60 deposit. See Tara for more information. PASSPORTkids! is a children’s summer camp where every element is integrated to provide an active faith-building experience for 3rd-6th graders. Bible studies, Devotions and Worship are designed to help children discover God’s love and practice being followers of Jesus. Then we mix in a healthy dose of that one ingredient that holds the rest together and keeps groups coming back year after year… FUN!
5 Camp Goals
(1) Providing Encounters with Christ; (2) Opportunities for Faith Expression; (3) Building Self-Esteem in Every Child; (4) Nurturing Community; (5) Exploring the Gospel through Mission Interaction; (6) Having Fun!
2013 Theme: Tag You’re It!
Imagine a field full of people.  There are trees on one side, buildings off in the distance, and wide-open spaces to run.  Everyone is welcome here - to belong, to play or rest, to be sad or glad, take a nap or have a picnic.  Not everyone knows about this place.  Perhaps no one has shown them how to find their way to it.  Others have spent their entire lives there, knowing exactly where home base is and where the boundaries of the field slope down and away. Sometimes the children’s games lead them outside the places where they are no longer comfortable and where they encounter those who live beyond the field.  They are interesting people, beautiful people who have never seen the field nor understood its peace.  So the children invite them to come and rest, or be sad or glad, to take a nap or have a picnic or play “TAG!” You’re it.

Children’s Game Room
We now have a children’s game room to be used at times other than our regularly scheduled events under adult supervision. The game room includes: Wii with Wii Sports, Sports Resort, and Raving Rabbids; Pop-A-Shot; mini pool and foosball, and board games.