Operation Christmas Child 2013 - Deadline November 24


Please pick up materials in the connecting hallway and remember--DO include hygiene items such as wash cloths, toothpaste and toothbrush, bars of soap, etc. Toys such as small stuffed animals, dolls, simple games, books with lots of colorful pictures, balls, ping pong sets, jigsaw puzzles for children, play jewelry, stickers, etc. Clothing and footwear such as socks, underwear, flip flops, mittens, scarves, colorful tee shirts, etc.     School supplies such as pencils and a sharpener, small pads of paper and notebooks, non permanent magic markers, crayons, blunt scissors,colored paper clips, etc. Candy and sweets such as fruit flavored hard candies, peppermint sticks, chewing gum. DO NOT include any liquids such as shampoo, lotion, soap bubbles, anything "meltable" such as chocolate, and Play Dough doesn't work well because the children don't know what to do with it.

Some helpful tips:

1. take toys out of their packages if possible to save room in your shoe box. For example, matchbox cars can be removed from their packaging and wrapped up in washcloths or tee shirts.   
2.  Please remember that boys in the oldest age group never have enough shoe boxes provided for them because most people tend to choose the younger children.   
3. These children love color! Many of them live in a very dull and depressing environment so please pack as much color as possible by choosing bright cheerful colorful items.

Change the Life of a Child

Our deadline for turning in boxes this year is Sunday, November 24th which is right around the corner!!  You have no idea how your shoebox can literally change the life of a child. Your gifts offer joy, hope, and most of all, the plan of salvation which, for most of these children, has never been presented. There is a 12 week follow up "school" taught in their own language during which the children learn about Jesus, complete workbooks, listen to Bible stories, and become thoroughly educated in the Christian faith. Their parents and others in the family are also exposed to the gospel and the stories of their decisions to become Christians would warm your heart!  Last year we more than doubled the amount of shoeboxes from the previous year. Let's get our entire family and as many of our friends and neighbors involved as possible and do even better this year!!!!!  Thank you in advance for your wonderful participation in this worldwide mission.   --Linda Kurtz