Pastor's Pen, January 2013

Walter Shurden, whom some of you will remember from his service as interim pastor and pulpit supply some years back here at LABC, sends out a monthly newsletter.  In his most recent edition he had these words:

“If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it.”

We embark on a new year with many dreams and goals we hope to accomplish and see come to fruition over the next several months. Some will be accomplished, some won’t.  We have made pledges and promises to our self and to others. Some of those we will fulfill. Some of those will see us falter.  

Regardless of whether the year has success or failure, I suspect it will have a bit of both, let’s remember the unfailing, unconditional love that God has for each of us.  It is this love that will guide us through the year before us.  It is this love that will sustain us when our pathway becomes more demanding than we would like.  It is this love that brings value and worth to each and every one of us.

Know that you are loved by God.  Know that God values you.  Know that God cares deeply for you.  If we could imagine it, perhaps it would bring a sense of joy to our lives, to see God’s refrigerator with our picture on it.


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