Morocco Refugee Ministry Fundraiser - Wednesday, September 12, 6:15 p.m.

Morocco Fundraiser Supper, Wednesday, September 12, 6:15 p.m.

Special Guest: Wyndee Holbrook

Wyndee was part of a recent ministry trip to Morocco involved in a minstry similar to what our team will be doing. Wyndee was formerly campus minister for Berea College.

The Meal

The Morocco team will provide the meal--Lasagna. Proceeds will go to Morocco refugee ministry.

After the meal, Wyndee Holbrook and Carolyn Godfrey will share, team members will offer prayer requests in groups who will pray for our team.

What Your Gifts Will Do:

Here’s what your gift will do through the International Aid Committee (CEI) of the Protestant Church in Rabat:

$300: Micro-Enterprise Projects - A refugee can be financially supported through the CEI of the EEAM (Protestant Church of Morocco). A micro-entreprise projects could include helping a refugee woman launch a hair/beauty salon among other refugee women, helping a migrant man start an eatery, or helping a refugee with material to use as a seamstress. These short-term solutions bring long-term hope to a people group desperate to make a living and a better life for their families.

$8: Food Basket in Rabat - Nourishes one adult for one week. Provides: 1 liter of cooking oil, 1 large container of sardines, 2 pounds of sugar, 5 pounds of rice

$7: Blanket

$20 to $35: Typical Medical Prescription

$20 to $40: Rent Aid for one Month - CEI Rabat does not normally pay the entire amount needed for Rent.

Morocco Partnership Trip, October 5-14, 2012

We are looking for prayer partners for our Morocco Team members. Contact Ernest Martin, Shawna Stomberger, Keith Stillwell, or the church office if you would like to be a prayer partner.

Prayer Partner Responsibilities:

1. Attend the Morocco fundraiser dinner and prayer meeting on Wednesday, September 12.

2. Write a prayer card to send with your team member (See Keith about certain kinds of language that should not be printed on a card taken into the country).

3. Receive a trip itinerary and pray daily for your team member.

4. Stand with your team member in the commissioning service on Sunday, Sept. 30 (optional).

The Team: Carolyn Godfrey, Brenda Farmer, Tara Farmer, Callie Minks, Dianne Stillwell, Keith Stillwell, Kelsey Stillwell, Laken Thomas

Purpose of the Trip:

1. Refugee Ministry: The team will join with Rabat church members and other KBF team members to conduct Bible School with English speaking African refugee women and their children, provide food and clothing, and offer skills training and micro enterprise funds so that they can provide a modest income for themselves and their children. The African refugee situation is one of the most desperate in the world.

2. Building our relationship with our partner church in Rabat through worship, meals, fellowship, and working together in refugee ministry.

3. Making our world smaller and promoting peace by learning to live and work among other cultures and religions, especially Muslims.

4. Be open to God’s leadership.

About Morocco:

Morocco is a moderate Muslim country, primarily Arabic speaking. Christianity is legal in Morocco, though it is against the law to proselytize a Muslim. The Kentucky Baptist Fellowship partners with the Evangelical Church of Morocco (EEAM), which includes a number of churches throughout the country. Lexington Avenue Baptist partners with the church in Rabat, the capital city. The church is made up primarily of French speaking African students studying at the Universities in Morocco. The partnership with EEAM includes ministry with Moroccan refugees—Africans who have fled war, famine, and political unrest and end up in Morocco destitute.