Thank You Notes, September 2012

To Our Friends at Lexington Avenue,

We so much appreciated your cards and prayers. They were answered as I got a clean bill of health from the doctors.
Joe & Alice Greer

In August LABC celebrated our one year anniversary for Soups on Us.

My how quickly that year has passed!

In that year our church has delivered almost 3000 lunches
Included in that lunch we have prepared well over 6000 sandwiches and just as many bowls of soup.
(we won’t count the bowls we dropped or spilled!!!)

As we begin each Saturday… I am so very thankful for each and every LABC member who cooks, cleans, packs, delivers or prays for our mission.  As we finish each Saturday; I am reminded that God is good and he has blessed us greatly…..

How wonderful that you have allowed us to join with other churches in our community and participate in this mission.  Without your blessing and resources we could not provide the much needed lunches to those in need in our community.

Thank you LABC for all that you do to help the family that is our community….
We look forward to the new year and the continued support of the LABC family

Love and God bless,
Soups On Us

Lexington Avenue Baptist:

Thank you all so much for your continued support of our program as reflected by your recent donation of school supplies. We appreciate them greatly, and we will distribute them appropriately to serve those families in our service area who need them most!
Big Brothers & Big Sisters of the Bluegrass
Keisha Coleman
Natalie Thompson
[One of the recipients of Kay Floyd Project gifts]

Lexington Avenue Baptist Church,
I just wanted to thank you so much for the generous donation you made to Families First in memory of Kay Floyd. You may never know how much your kindness will affect families in our school district. The gift card will be so very helpful and will be used wisely. Often times I need to get my hands on a pair of shoes or a shirt for a chid after exhausting our resources.  We simply ask for donations. Your wonderful gift well save some time in our search when trying to meet the needs of our children. I so appreciate your thoughtfulness. Knowing that we have such strong community support brightens my day and helps me to enjoy my job even more.
Anna Houston and the Families First Staff

Dear Lexington Ave. Baptist Church,
Thank you so much for your prayers and I receive your cards weekly and the cards lift my spirits each and every time. I appreciate it very much and I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that.
God is still in the healing business and I am walking in faith with you and my family!
Thank you again for being strong prayer warriors for me and my family .

God Bless,
Keisha Kirkland

Lexington Avenue Baptist Church,
Many thanks to your congregation for your financial support of Kentucky Baptist Fellowship ministries. We are living in the midst of challenging financial times. Your church’s generosity allows all of us in the KBF to be the presence of Christ in Kentucky and in other parts of the world.
As a member of KBF’s coordinating Council, I am keenly aware that without the support of your church, KBF would not be able to share the love of Jesus as we provide housing, health care, educational opportunities, and many other ministries to people in need, especially in Eastern Kentucky and Morocco.
Please share with your congregation my thanks for your continued support. Your gift really does matter.
David Platt

“Thank you” to all who so graciously and generously provided food for the Teacher Appreciation Breakfast. Thanks also to Tara and the children for providing the hand-made bookmarks, and to Paula Scott for the beautiful decorations
The Christian Education Committee

Dear LABC,
Thank you for the cards sent for my LABC Anniversary. I enjoyed all of them and appreciate your thoughtfulness.  

Also, thank you for the prayers and cards at the death of my sister’s grandson.

Linda Lonigro

Thank you for the gift to help towards the purchase of a Toshiba computer for Tabitha Martin.  She and her brother Allen went to MSU on August 17. Please pray for them and their family situation.    
Charlene Helton also continues to do well as a sophomore nursing major.

Paula Settle

With Gratitude,
The time you’ve given, the hearts you’ve touched, the lives you’ve blessed--these are true gifts from God. Thanks you for sharing His love.

Ada Taylor and family

Dear Church Family,

We want to express our gratitude for all the prayers, concerns, and encouragement for our grandson, Abraham Eli, over the past year! He had an EEG and a bronchoscope this week and has been given good reports on both!! He has not had any seizure activity since April and the benign tumor in his trachea is gone...gone...gone!! He can now stop the medication for the tumor and in a few months he will be weaned off of the seizure med if he does not have any seizures! So, our grandbaby has reached the one year mark and our prayer is that he will be on the road to a complete recovery from both.         

Thanks again for you interest and support through such an uncertain year for him!

The Hendrickson Family