Pastor's Pen, August 2012

I like the story in the gospels where Jesus ascends a mountain with Peter, James and John and is transfigured before their eyes.  They see Jesus speaking with Moses and Elijah.  It is a spiritual moment.    And it is tempting to stay in that place where it seems you could almost reach out and touch the very presence of God.

But in that story, Jesus and his disciples do not stay there.  Jesus comes down from the mountain and continues his work of being the presence of God among people.

There’s a lesson there for us—it’s important to be away to spend time with God, to hear his encouragement and affirmation.  We must also hear God saying, “Go and share with others in this journey of life.”  That’s the life Jesus modeled for us and the life Jesus now calls us to live.

So today, spend time with God then go and share with others.

In Christ,

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