Thank You Notes, July 2012

Church Members, 

I want to thank all of you that continue to sign the prayer cards. I really appreciate all your prayers and support.
I’m still uncertain of what kind of treatment will have to be done. I  recently had the pacemaker put back in. Now I can concentrate on fighting the cancer. With your prayers I know I can get through this.

Thanks again,
Brenda Steele

Dear Lexington Avenue Baptist Church:
Thank you so much for your generous gift of $500.00. All of us at Boyle County Habitat for Humanity want your congregation to know how very much we appreciate your support.
You join us in extending a “hand up,” not a “hand out,” as we strive to provide decent housing for many of God’s children.
Again, thank you. We are truly grateful.

Connie R. Mason
Office Manager

It is beneficial that one cannot look into the future and determine what will happen on a given day in the journey through life. The unexpected became personal on May 5th which resulted in emergency back surgery. The recovery has progressed to the beginning of therapy.
Thanks to each of you for your prayers, cards, phone calls, food and visits. Your acts of kindness, rather than just words is the epitome of a caring church family. It is, indeed, reassuring to be a member of a church that exemplifies the life of Christ. I do ask to be included in your prayers for continued recovery. Again, many thanks.

Leo Hill

Dear LABC Family,

On behalf of the Sisk family, I would like to thank each of you for the cards, visits at the hospital and McDowell Place, phone calls, and prayers we received during Dr. Charles Sisk’s illness and passing in May. During the visitation I was truly touched by the memories and stories some of you shared with me and the rest of the family. A few of those stories were new ones that I had never heard and I will treasure each of them, and enjoyed hearing them.
There are three things I learned over the years I was lucky enough to have him as my uncle. Uncle Charles loved his family, his church, his patients and fishing. Each of you fall into one of these groups and he loved each of you. Not only was he my uncle but also a loving husband, brother, father and grandfather and distinguished physician even after he retired.
I also would like to express our family’s thanks for the Gideon Bibles that have been placed in Uncle Charles’ honor. That is one of the best ways to honor his memory and he would truly be honored by this.
Again thank you all again for the love and support you have shown the Sisk family and we are truly blessed to be members of such a special and supportive church family.

God Bless
Lynette Gullett