Thank You Notes, March 2012

Dear Lexington Avenue Baptist Church,
On behalf of the staff at Boyle County EMS I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the many meals you have sent to the station on Wednesday nights.  They are truly appreciated.  In public service you spend much time away from home and eat out a great deal.   

We appreciate you thinking of us and sending us your great home cooked meals.

Malcolm Miller,
Deputy Director
Boyle County EMS

Dear LABC Family,

Thank you for all of your cards, visits and prayers when my father died.  Your support means a great deal to our family.  In our short tenure at LABC we have felt such an outpouring of support and love from everyone. It is truly a special place to call our church home.

We also want to thank the Crisis Meal Team for the outstanding meal provided after his funeral.  It allowed us not only to share a meal but gave us time to visit with close friends and family.

We also would like to thank Tommy for his support and the remembrance he put together from pages of notes from my sister and me.  We are very lucky to have a pastor of his caliber at our church.

Malcolm & Amy Miller and Family
Elizabeth Miller VanMeter and Family

Lexington Avenue Baptist Church,

On behalf of our family, I am writing to thank you for your prayers during our mother’s illness and passing. Your many cards, support and prayers are truly appreciated. The cards boosted mom’s spirit. Every time she received one in the mail, she would always say...”those people don’t even know me. You can tell they have the love of God in them.” Please Keep us in your daily prayers, for this is a most difficult time for us all. Once again thank you all for the support and love you’ve shown.

The Family of Shirley Reed
Debbie Hacker

Thank you for the use of your facilities for our morning walking group. I am motivated to “get up and at it” because of the leadership and dedication of Judee Vanderpool.

Thanks for sharing with the community,
Jan Bradshaw

I would like to extend a special thanks to my team members that made feeding LABC on several Wednesday evenings possible...this was definitely a team effort! Thanks to Terri Binford, Charlotte Carr, Clyde Merida, Beverly and Fred Durham, Mary Elizabeth and Jack Godbey, Linda and Bill Singler, and, of course, Scotty Vanderpool. I would also like to mention that Betty Gayle williams helped out one time due to sickness. Many thanks to you that stopped us and complemented our food choice and efforts. Nothing like a little praise to keep the enthusiasm up for future events. In the future I hope other LABC members will form teams and help out on Wednesday nights-just volunteering one/two Wednesdays a year really spreads out the responsibility and makes it easier on everyone. Again, thanks to my team-Great Job!!!!!

Judee Vanderpool

Dear LABC church family,

Thank you  for the warm reception you extended to my Gideon brother, Randy Reese this past Sunday when he presented the Gideon Ministry in our church. On behalf of the Danville Gideon Camp and Gideons International, we are so grateful for your continued support.  The offering of $1,162 is tangible evidence of your love for making the Word of God available to people around the world.  This will enable us to purchase and place over 232 Bibles or 860 New Testaments. Based on past and continued testimonies we receive, we thank God already for those people who will come to know Him through the reading of these Bibles.

Thanks again for including the Gideons in the many ministries we support here at LABC and for sharing the vision of making the Word of God available to everyone who desires a copy.

Blessings on you,

Bernard Montgomery

Thank you to the LABC family for your prayers regarding my health. I have greatly improved.

Katie Roberts

Thank you so much for your efforts and support for our KBF children’s music festival. It was a wonderful morning of music and I hope we can gather children again and include even more! Please tell your children how much I loved being with them!
Kathy Collier
Choir Director

Lexington Avenue Baptist Church Family,

It was a joy to be with you this last week-ladies retreat and the church service on Sunday! Thank you for your warmth, friendliness, encouragement, support, and prayers!
May God bless you abundantly as you continue to seek and serve Him!
Love in Christ,
Katie Roberts

Thank you so very much for the visits and prayers during my stay in the hospital.

Love to all,
Meda Cooper

Dear LABC Family
There are no words of thanks that can truly express the love and caring we have felt in the past 15 months. Since Earl’s diagnosis, surgeries, and treatments to his passing on March 7th, we have constantly been buoyed up by the cards, calls, visits and especially the prayers and thoughts coming our way.
Since Earl’s passing, you have gathered around me with your caring love that has carried me through the pain of the funeral and the days afterward.
Thank you so much for the lovely meal after the funeral. It was nice to have a place to visit together and remember Earl.
Earl loved LABC and the Christian family we are a part of. Thank you again for being “our family”.
In Christian Love
Jean Steinhauer

Ruby Gray, is oldest member of LABC, celebrated her 100th birthday, February 21, 2012. When Ruby was able to attend Sunday School she was a member of the Joy Sunday School class.

As a tribute to Ruby, the Joy class set a goal of collecting 100 cards to present to her on her birthday. We announced the project to the entire church and the response was overwhelming. There were 128 cards!

Tommy, Keith  and Evelyn took the cards to Ruby on her birthday. She was surprised and delighted that her church remembered her in such a remarkable way.

The Joy class would like to thank all those who sent a card in celebration of Ruby’s special day.

Evelyn Crooke, teacher
The Joy Class