Pastor's Pen, April 2012

Posted in the hallway as you enter a church was this sign.  

If you are curious and want to see,
If you are weary and want to rest,
If you are grateful and want to share,
If you are hurting and want comfort,
If you are listening and want to pray,
If you are seeking and want some answers,

This invitation is not merely for those who enter the doors of the church. It is a standing invitation from a loving God to each one of us.

God invites you into a loving relationship in which he promises to be with you always.  Why don’t you accept that invitation this day?

Holy Week is a great time for you to invite a friend to church.  Our Maundy Thursday service, Palm Sunday Worship and Easter Sunday are all excellent opportunities for you to invite that person or family you have been thinking of.  Perhaps that is God’s way of leading you to extend an invitation.  

I look forward to being in worship with you Sunday.

In Christ,

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