Thank You Notes, November 2012

LABC Family
Thank you all for your prayers, kind words, sweet cards, questions of concern, and delicious goodies as I have recovered from eye surgery. The surgeon told me Monday that my eye is doing great and on November 1, I am free to exercise and lift things heavier than a gallon of milk (I misunderstood my surgeon at first and thought she said I couldn’t lift a gallon of milk. While Dianne was in Morocco, Tommy got tired of me calling him everytime I wanted a glass of milk or cereal for breakfast.). I am no longer seeing double, which is a great relief. Two Tommys and two Phils was more than I could stand. However the advantage in seeing double was that we got twice as much work done with two Gails. Seriously, though, I am truly thankful for the gift of sight. I once was blind (half in one eye) but now I see. I am amazed that an eye can be repaired like that. I am thankful for a skilled surgeon and all her assistants, my Optometrist Mike Smith, my church family for your prayers and concern, Brittany, Kelsey, and Dianne for leading me around and taking care of me, and most of all to God our great physician.
May God Bless You,

Thank you all so very much for all your prayers during daddy’s illness and passing. Your generous ways and kind hearts made a beautiful difference. God Bless you all.

With Christian Love,
Mae, Townya & Donna
(family of Donald Carpenter-- David Sparrow’s uncle)

Dear Church Family,
We want to thank you for all the cards and prayers since the passing of my mother. Also many thanks to the crisis committee for the delicious meal. It was enjoyed and appreciated by everyone. Finally to Dr. Tommy, thank you so much for all your help and the beautiful service. You were right there in our time of need.

Farris & Connie Mason
and the Family of Betty Routt

Dear LABC Family.
Thank you so much for your many cards, phone calls, and visits since my cancer diagnosis.
This will be a long and difficult journey that will be made easier because my church family continues to lift me up in prayer. Each day when I count my blessings, I praise God for loving me and for giving me each of you. Blessings to you all.

JoAnn Rice

Lexington Avenue Wednesday Night Group,

I wanted to thank Lexington Avenue for the cards sent to me from your Wednesday night service. That is such a sweet gesture, especially for someone not a member and who lives in another state. That says so much about your church! I am a member of Seymour First Baptist in Seymour, TN and love my church family. We are all one in the Lord and  He has given me a terrific peace through this whole procedure.

Thanks you again.
Love in Him
Erma Osbourne